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Best answer: Rohinga = Muslim.

Also, there was never any American politician, president or celebrity of color.

Best answer: No way, everyone knows not all thing at a time. Which I know, you may not know that or it may be you know something which I may not know anyway. When a doesn't know something's answer, how could he answer? It's better to move on that question.

Will lier Hillary go back on her word and run in 2020?

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Best answer: Because they seek acceptance and gratification from others

Best answer: Atheist themselves do not believe there Toynbee tiles exist

Why are Democrats so weak on illegal immigration and radical Islamic terrorism?

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What do they stand to gain

I've seen the flat Earthers using pictures from atmospheric balloons to prove that the Earth is flat, yet I can't help but feel as if they're still just not far enough away to truly grasp the grand scale of this sphere, so I ask the question above, has anybody actually figured out an answer to it?

Why when something good is happening Satan always comes at you to ruin it?

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Best answer: Because Satan is the enemy and that's what he and his cohorts do 24/7 kill steal and destroy nonstop. He hates all of God's creations, especially mankind...

I'm having twin boys and I need help with names?

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Best answer: As expected, the said morons have nothing but deflections and juvenile insults.

Yes, Atheists Have Faith. But Do They Have Evidence?

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Best answer: No. Actually faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen, which is the foundation of belief in God/Jesus/Holy Ghost. <t><