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Can I practice wicca culture without be a wiccan?

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I want to make a love potion to help me find a soulmate and bring up confidence in myself. Do I have to be a Wiccan for this to work? I enjoy being christian

Best answer: Because trump is an innocent man.

Best answer: He wouldn't believe them, Royals don't marry trash.

If I start selling roach milk will I make a profit?

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Best answer: Camilla was drunk at one of the state openings of parliament, she is definitely an alcoholic and a chain smoker.

Best answer: Up Trump ***. Or maybe he lied because he had no plan to actually win the spelling bee in 2016. Because Trump tells people what they want to hear he has no intention winning in 2020 like he did in 2016 his friend Hilliary lost he was devastated she lost.

Why do atheists like Jea refuse to apologize for their wrong doings?

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Best answer: she's too much of a coward & liar to ever admit she's wrong

I DONT GIVE A SCHIT about this lesbian couple, why media has to said, "the world strumble for the new unborn royal-assighness" that i know off, no one in my comunity are talking about this nonsense, we got really important things to figure out than the british pigs monarchy. PS. This is America, if you... show more

What America city has the most poop in it?

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Best answer: I hear San Francisco is paved with poo.

The reason is clear. False prophets wouldn't want to go that path because it's the path of most resistance. The few people that introduced scripture were faced with serious resistance and persecution.. Moses we all know the story. Muhammad was faced with fierce resistance. Joseph Smith was persecuted.... show more

Best answer: Can i move to san fransisco

Why do Repubtards on understand the importance of always believing women?

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How many lies did Rachel Mitchell expose during Christy Ford's Senate testimony?

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