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Atheists, what are your feelings about Ultima Thula?

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If the earyh is flat, what or is on the other side?

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Saucer Nazis? Hitler's brain in a Transformer? GOP heasquarters?

Any other Americans detest Canadians as much as I do?

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There's that Canadian couple living next to me. I don't want to meet them, I don't care if they're nice or not, I hate ALL Canadians. I've already burned their Canadian flag on their front lawn, put dog poop in their mailbox and thrown rocks at their house and broke one of their windows. I... show more

Best answer: On a flat disk, the whole world would be in the same season at the same time. The southern hemisphere wouldn't have summer when we have winter. Everywhere would be in the same time zone also. But you can't use logic when talking to flat earth people.

How do i switch to the newest version of windows (windows 98)?

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Best answer: Sorry you gotta wait till 2098 for release.

Best answer: Does it matter

Most vaccines, you only get once in your life. During my studies in university, I went for a serology and the results showed that I'd lost immunity to almost all vaccines I took growing up (ones that didn't require follow-up shots). So if most adults have lost immunity, then why is there such a huge push to... show more

Best answer: Yes it is.

Why do Americans believe moon landing was Fake ?

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Do you wish you were a member of The British Royal Family?

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Best answer: I'm simply happy don't be a member of the British Royal family.. !o!

Best answer: When nationalism has become a dirty word in the left's lexicon what you suggest couldn't be far off. LOL

Is she aware of this sad sad fact?

Why do dumb cons make fun of me for being vegan?

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Best answer: It must be due to disrespecting your morals and personal values.

On our feet after the disastrous Obama era