Preschool's questions - Italian iziqna

Everybody's talking about that movie but I've never seen it, is that bad?

Best answer: I like them.

Best answer: I can tell your like 5 years old.

mi mate rahn thinks he could

Best answer: They would lose their harp privileges, and couldn't talk to "loved ones" for 30-60 days.

I have a few friends but whenever there is a movie that I really wanna see I don’t wait on anyone to go with me I go alone. Because most of the times they would be working or not interested in what I’m interested in and I’m not gonna miss out on something that I wanna see all because I don’t have anyone to take... show more

Best answer: Watch out. Mentioning Hillary by name triggers libcrusher

Best answer: You will get more contructive reliable answers on Quora. Yahoo answers is the house of hateful trolls

Best answer: It would be bad if the environment became unsuitable for life. And genes are certainly a cause of behaviour but not the only cause. A lot of the fire which infused life is external but it could not be lit without the kindling (the possibilities of life mapped out by genes).

Answer: The pig is good for something Bacon!

Is Jaws an adventure film?

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Best answer: I think it is more a thriller film.

Best answer: it is free will Life after life they will know that they rejected the signs of god they didnt know who created Day and night system

tht TRUMP is our President he is called every name under the sun because he wants that wall built, do you realize what is going to happen if that mob is let in, what if one of them kills or hurts YOUR family or friends, then YOU will complain about that also right, won't get one response from this question,... show more