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Next year, when I am in eighth grade, I have the opportunity to take a trip to New York and Washington DC. I think its an incredible learning opportunity. I know that my parents trust me to go, and I am positive that if I tell them one of my friends is going, they'll let me go. But of course, as always, there... show more

UK Student studying in the USA?

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How realistic it for a UK student to study in USA without a scholarship? Any UK students out there who have moved to USA, I'd really appreciate you're feedback. How difficult is the moving process? Is there anything else I should be aware of before potentially moving? Thank you!

Best answer: No, your UK student loan will not cover overseas study unless this is part of a UK university course. For example, if you did a degree in Korean Studies at SOAS, spending a year in Korea would definitely be covered. But if your plan is just to study at a Korean university it will not be covered. Korea recently... show more

I have read online that so many people from around the world go to study in Germany and France from my country India. Its tuition fee is free and we just have to pay rent and other things. Can I study there I m 24 from India, I want to do computer science from any German university. would $10,000 per year be... show more

How can I study in the USA?

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I m from India as you know, and I m 24 now and I m a college drop out already. I don't want to tell about myself more, it was not good at all. I just want to study and live in the USA somehow, many people study in the USA from my own country, I don't know how they get admission there, I mean how do they... show more

I am a 19 year old student currently pursuing accounting degree in Canada and will do CPA program further. I am an international student here in Canada and really wish to work somewhere in Europe after becoming a CPA

I'm currently studying at university to go into pathology. My family is by no means wealthy and I don't have much money saved for when I leave uni. I've noticed that rent in most of the US is cheaper than that here in the UK. I've also noticed that the pay for a pathologist (alike most other... show more

Best answer: It depends on which country you are talking about. Cost of living in, say, India, is about one-tenth (or even less!) that of many other countries. Where are you thinking of going? Look it up on There's also a comparison feature so you can compare countries, or even cities. But you typically cannot... show more

Summer Jobs in Europe?

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I am a 17 year old and I have dual citizenship with Germany. I wanted to work abroad in the EU this summer but I was having trouble finding jobs. Preferably, I would like to find one that provides housing. Any suggestions?

Best answer: If you don't look in it, how do you know if someone has been, or is currently, watching you? How do you know if it even is a peephole if you don't look in it? Could you imagine how creepy it would be to look into a hole in the wall, and you see an eyeball staring back at you?

Exchanging damaged notes in the UK?

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I have a Hungarian 10,000 note which has a small chunk missing at the top (it tore off from a zip). I’m struggling to get anyone to accept and exchange it. Where can I find somewhere that will exchange this damaged note for GBP? In London preferably please!

Study in abroad?

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My parents think that the money spent on a well-ranked college abroad is not worth it, and want me to study in my own country where its college ranks are the lowest in the world! I care about the quality of education where they care about the costs! I get that colleges are pretty expensive but that s what... show more

I know some of the EU countries (e.g. Denmark, Germany, etc.) offer free college but I can t find a single place where I could study psychology MA. I m gonna get my BA diploma pretty soon and currently looking for master programmes with free colloge, but can t find any.