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Best answer: There are no current automakers, anywhere, installing cassette decks in their vehicles. In fact, fewer and fewer even have a CD option.

im financing a car from a dealership, when i test drove it the night before i finalized everything, the radio was working perfectly, sound was good. the next day i went back to the dealership to sign all the papers and take the car home, and on my way home i was trying to play music first with my usb chord, i... show more

Please don't respond if you don't know what you're talking about. I have my Dodge Dart running zero gauge to a zero gauge splitter where I have a zero gauge wire and ground for my sundown sae 1500d and then running 4 gauge from the splitter to the scar audio rp150 I'm barely running my sundown amp... show more

Best answer: They really hate blacks.

Best answer: 1. Yes it is proven 2. No, because all scientific evidence points go God, which is funny because atheists claim to love science. They therefore resort to making up pseudoscience concepts such as Evolution

Hello everyone.?

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So I got a new radio installed a while ago and the sound isn t coming out of the back speakers? It was working with the old radio but not the new one. Anyone got any ideas on how to fix this myself?

I just bought a new Sony XAV-AX100 and installed it on my 2007 pontiac grand prix and after hooking it up it makes a static noise through the speakers I checked every wire to make sure and also changed different ground points and still cant figure out what the problem is

What is the name brand of these subs?

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Best answer: just buy a microwave instead. should work just as good

And absolutely no one seems to know wtf they re talking about. Is there a website that I m missing that gives good information on car audio from people that know what they re talking about? Besides Crutchfield. Forums? Discussion boards? Anything?

I want to be able to wire 2 separate led strips of different colors in my car to one on-off-on switch. so if I flip the switch up it turns on the blue lights, if i flip it all the way down it turns on the green ones, and if the switch is in the middle both are off. I cant find a diagram or anything anywhere that... show more

I am kinda dumb with these things but I had a sub that blew out and had to get a new one. The last sub sounded better and I bought a new one that is rated 400rms 1200peak. I have an amp that is 1500w. Should I match my sub to a 1000w amp? I remember the last sub was more boomy. And extra info about the new sub it’s... show more