Makeup's questions - Italian iziqna

How old do I look iyo?

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or would it look unfinished or something

What ethnic is this guy?

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What do you think

Best answer: I'd say so. The majority of jobs you get in high school start at minimum wage, so that's a significant bonus. Have fun!

Best answer: Laws are passed by congress, not by any president. So your answer is No, he cannot do that.

I am asian and have like no eyebrows, but really want to fill them in without it looking fake. What can I do? What products are they I could use?

When will trump reveal his tattoos?

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It is a given fact that the man has tattoos. He simply hides them with makeup.

so i curl my lashes and use waterproof mascara (because the curl doesn’t stay in with regular mascara cause it takes long to dry and weighs down the curl) every day and my eyelashes keep falling out and i’m honestly scared because i feel like my eyelashes are the only thing that makes me pretty. it says online to... show more

Tried to melt down my cream foundation and it ended up splattering everywhere and got on my jeans. How can I get it out?

Makeup advice?

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When I apply foundation, my skin looks crack. What should I do before or after foundation?

Just curious bc I do! It just depends on if i want to or not and I'm a stay at home mom so I'm home 99.9 percent of the time anyways.

What’s up with Kylie cosmetics?

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Best answer: yes

High school makeup tips..?

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Best answer: Keep it light and simple. It's not that you're too young for the heavy, instagram inspired makeup, but as someone who wore a full face about 3 times my senior year let me tell you, it kind of gets uncomfortable? Personally I hated having makeup on for a whole school day because I have oily skin and if I... show more

Best answer: Makeup is fun. I started around middle school to. I think the best thing to start with is mascara, and lip gloss for right now. Don’t take away your natural beauty with foundation and stuff. I didn’t start with that until I was around 16-17 when I started having breakouts and even then I started with more... show more

Best answer: I believe doing whatever makes you happy is key. Being able to express yourself in a creative outlet never hurt anyone! and I started wearing/experimenting with makeup in 6th grade.

Am i too young for eyeliner?

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ill be 13 really soon, and i want to wear it when i turn 13. I have blue eyes, but green around the pupil. I want a really nice subtle eyeliner look. What colors would go with my color combination? Nothing dramatic like black. Im also pale with freckles and light brown/golden hair. dont be mean please!!!

Best answer: Try colour correction products (usually pink/orange) to cancel out the darkness. Some of my favourite concealers: Collection lasting perfection Rimmel match perfection Maybelline instant rewind LA girl pro conceal

Best answer: 6th Grade - Is that 11 or 12? Basically, you do not want to wear makeup at that age and should keep your skin fresh. Stock up on Simple soaps and cleansers, drink lots of water and eat healthy food. Your pimple will go trust me. Also, put on some toothpaste onto the pimple overnight or Sudocrem which works like... show more