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What is your favorite mascara?

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me and my friend were talking about makeup foundation and she said i would need 'arctic white'. what does that mean exactly?

Best answer: 12, start small and move up, when you're at home wear your more spontaneous looks so they get used to the extreme but when you go out tone it down so they cant get mad till they get used to it

Or is it Obama

Why does my wife do this ?

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Best answer: Every pregnancy is different. 1 pregnancy might be fine and everything is great and then the 2nd one might be the same or emotional and so different she might be very sensitive on this second pregnancy. Sit down and talk to her about what's wrong and Be gentle with her since it hurts try doing it gentle not too... show more

Why do you wear makeup?

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i would like to start wearing makeup and im 15. Is that too young?

Without makeup, as long as im well rested and happy.. then I think I look good without makeup. But, so does everyone, regardless of their "imperfections". I do have blemishes/redness from fading blemishes though. However... even If I feel like a look perfect enough without it, other girls or guys might... show more

I wear eyeliner and mascara, and I want to start wearing lipstick too. I have freckles, so foundation and mascara would make my face look weird, but I want to try it. (To lead up to slightly contouring my face because my face is naturally round). I'm a freshman in high school, and I'm afraid that my... show more

As a Marxist, I genuinely have no idea. It just seems like the boogeyman you people throw around, but I've never seen a clear definition of it.

My eyebrows is bushy, or okay?

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Best answer: Almost anything oily (hand lotion, cooking oil) will dissolve the make up. Then use soap and water to wash away the oily stuff. I'm not saying I recommend this. If you use a heavier oil, you can wash and wash and wash and still have an oily residue. So I'm only saying that it WORKS, not that it's a... show more

Best answer: for everyone saying "none" you shouldn't have answered in the first place because i can understand this persons struggle. You could wear some lip gloss or a really light / matte lip stick You could also try some Concealer, and foundation and stuff to cover up pimples and other imperfections, for your... show more