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Can I wash my hair every day?

15 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: If your hair feels gross then wash it. If you need to wash your hair every day then that's okay. I do the same, some times I leave it unwashed on the weekend if I'm not going out any where special. In the summer I had to wash my hair all most every day, I sweat a lot in my job (and I don't have air... show more

Best answer: All through my high school years. I think about half the reason for the hippie movement was rebellion against beehives for girls and buzz cuts for boys. Drugs, sex and anti-war were the other half.

short (pixie cut, shaved head), medium (bob, shoulder length), or long (past shoulders, or longer)?

Red hair or blond for a girl?

8 answers · 21 hours ago
it is not natural red, but dyed copper. Or just nice platinum blond. I have green eyes, white skin.

Curly hair or straight hair?

7 answers · 6 hours ago
What hair type do you like best? Or find most attractive?

I have long, straight blonde hair. I have a guy friend that whenever we hang out together, he always wants to cuddle me and have me lay on his chest. He loves to play with my hair, run his fingers through it, massage my scalp, and he's always telling me how pretty it is, how soft and silky it feels, and how... show more

Shampoo first or conditioner first?

5 answers · 4 hours ago
Best answer: Shampoo, then condition. Shampoo and focus mainly on the scalp. You want to remove the buildup of product and oils from the scalp. The rest of the hair will be cleaned as you rinse your hair. Then after fully rinsing your hair of the shampoo, use conditioner and focus mainly on your ends. Don't get this... show more

What solutions worked for you? Does castor oil really work?

Gays usually have no face hair and short head hair. I saw a man kiss another man who had a beard and is bald. Wow

How to grow hair quicker?

11 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: Nothing to do besides having a decent diet and getting sleep. Colagen tablets may help both hair & skin quality (available at most drug stores, supermarkets etc - and cheap).

If every day how many times a day? I'm also using Castrol oil should I use the same amount?

Yesterday I got a haircut that was way too short and I hate it so much. Is it possible to grow it out an inch overnight? I saw a lot of hair masks using eggs and olive oil, but my mom doesn't want me to use eggs as it'll probably make the shower smell bad. Is it possible for me to make a mask using only... show more

my hair was way past my chest almost reaching my ribs and now it’s past my collar bone. it’s been 2 months and my hair hasn’t grown since.