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I tried cutting layers in my hair, but they came out kind of choppy and I m so mad at myself for doing it! I ll be going to the hair salon next week, but I m afraid people will laugh at it until then. Holding it in a ponytail looks a bit weird as well. Can I do something that would make it grow faster or just do... show more

Best answer: next time you two go to the mall or store point out a shampoo or lotion that smells really nice and tell her she should get it because you really like the scent Or buy her nice lotions, bubble baths, shower body wash as a little valentine gift (along with something else of course)

Completely forgot I was out of shampoo until I got in the shower, so I used body wash. Is this okay for a one time use?

What color is most germans hair?

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How do I stop poofy hair?

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What shade of blonde is this?

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How do I get straw like hair?

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Best answer: that shouldnt be to bad for your hair as long as your dont keep the flat iron on to long

I'm a light strawberry blonde and I don't want to destroy my hair by bleaching. I'd like to dye my hair a very ashy blonde color (though it looks more grey/brown in the charts) by Pravana. Will I have to bleach it? Picture of my favorite color so far.

Best answer: You can wash it daily. A pixie is easily weighted down with oil/sweat and needs to be clean to look its best. Especially if you are working out daily. I have washed hair daily for over forty years with no hair loss or issues. All the internet nervous nellies who say don't wash often do NOT happen to be the... show more

Should I just dye my hair its original color?

Is this an Ombre fail?

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Best answer: Not bad, but to me it is a little too much contrast. Too dark on the top for how light it is on the bottom.

I ask because I know many guys who grow beards and such because their girlfriends want them to, or they keep their haircuts a certain way because she wants it that way. So why can't a guy have an issue with it if she decides to go butch?

Best answer: No. If it cannot penetrate the scalp it cannot make your hair grow. Castor oils molecules are too big to do that.

Best answer: Blowdrying hair often makes it frizzy and puff up because of the heat and dryness. Use coconut oil, frizz spray and/or heat protestant beforehand. It's not good to get your hair that hot without putting something moisturizing on it first. If it still continues even after it's dry, rubbing a dryer sheet on... show more

Growing facial hair at 15?

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I just turned 15, I was wondering if its possible for me to grow facial hair faster. My voice is pretty deep, but I have hair everywhere but only a little above my lip.