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Best answer: YES also REAL LATE (up to 20 year)... ABORTION SHOULD NOT BE AGAINST THE LAW...

Lora or Laura and why ?

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What do you think of the name Arthur?

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What do you think of the name Sonny for a boy?

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Best answer: an ancient city

Should bisexual men be allowed to have children?

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Pregnancy at 15?

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Best answer: I can't be anymore honest or deliberate with you, and your boyfriend. You are subjecting your good sense to emotions, relating to a young man you adore, and imagining carrying his baby, as appreciation of those feelings. To do so is possible, since at 15, he most likely is fertile, and at 15, you most likely... show more

Do you prefer Parker for a boy or girl?

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Diane or Diana?

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Is Jea a crack addict?

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Best answer: One cant lie with himself and almighty God. Just analyze what you know and what you still need to know.

Favorite spelling of the name Ryan?

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Best answer: I was your boyfriend's age when I had my oldest, 18 at conception 19 at his birth. Honestly it was nothing that I expected. You have no idea what real love truly feels like. Motherhood is the greatest thing on the planet. It is such a joy that only gets better with age. Saying that, how willing are your parents... show more

Which name is better. Hailey marie or Riley paige?

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What do you think of the name Quinton?

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Best answer: Of course it's okay? Two years is nothing, in fact it's ideal in my eyes! In Australia a male or female is legally aloud to have sex at 16 with someone that under five years older. Once you're 18 you can date a 30 year old. I highly advise against it though lol. But other than that it's your... show more

Is Saoirse a nice name?

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I absolutely love it due to how complex the spelling it. It’s pronounced Sur-sha

I already have names for my future kids and she keeps saying no you may have them but I'll be naming them and its been making me angry to think she don't think I'm capable to name my own children I'm not sure what to say or do but I want to have !y kids and name them she already had her kids and... show more

What do you think of the girl's name "Navy"?

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Best answer: Not bad.

Do you like the name Adam for a male?

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Best answer: It's a good, simple name that can faithful connotations, which can be meaningful to many people. It also sounds professional, which is really important as its bearer grows up. Additionally, it's simple without being plain, making it easy to remember. Also, it's also my cousin's name!