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Best answer: Tell him exactly how you feel about it. If he truly cares, he’ll try to do something about it. At least he won’t do it in front of you. But I want you to keep the possibility that some things don’t change. He might change for a while and then go back to his old self. Don’t consume your energy trying to change him... show more

I’m a Pisces woman. On a date a few days ago, i got drunk and told him I’d had sex with someone else since we’ve been datin, but only to piss him off. I also called him names, but I immediately took it back. We were having an all around bad day. He wanted to see my phone and i wouldn’t let him, but he showed me... show more

Best answer: I’m so lucky for my wonderful Cancer friend and i wouldn’t trade them.

Which zodiac has the most willpower?

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Willpower has in not letting your emotionals take over and going crazy. So water signs are out alrdy also Taurus this one Taurus I know has angry issues and is stubborn about it so he is angry everyday.

Whats your horoscope?

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Do you think it relates to you?

Best answer: 1. Aries 2. Leo 3. Sagittarius 4. Aquarius 5. Gemini 6. Capricorn 7. Scorpio 8. Taurus 9. Virgo 10. Libra 11. Cancer 12. Pisces

Why are Libras so backstabbing?

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Best answer: They are not trustworthy and fake

Whats a good match for virgo?

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Describe Virgo rising?

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Best answer: Being a cancer myself you are gonna want a soul connection because we go by feelings not thinking.

Best answer: Probably depends on the rest of their chart. And just who they are/how they were raised or lived. I am also libra and most aqua people I've met (including my own father) we did not get along. Dont let it bother you, it really doesnt matter if someone doe not like you.

Best answer: They are perfect compliments of one another and are very much compatible being air signs.

Best answer: Never ever in your life fall for a Libra dominican guy from Florida because these mfs are truly toxic, liars, cheaters, manipulative, no morals havin' asses

Why are capricornss so cute?

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most I know are photogenic too and have nice facial structure.

If a sagittarius woman had to pick between an aquarius man and a leo man which one would she pick and why?