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Best answer: Often. in fact, usually. I refer to FORMER chairman obama as "FORMER chairman obama".

Most of the people in the South are descended from people who fought in the confederacy. These people were as American as everyone else. Because of a political problem with the president these people decided to leave the union, since according to articles of the confederation, any state of the union is free to... show more

Are they seriously that proud of him?

I am about to go to Paris island in less then 2 weeks and I just got news from my recruiter that I cant do infinity because my opening closed. I am stuck with on base jobs now. I'm just wondering if I will still get some infintry training at the mos school and how hard it is to make a lateral move.

Watch out for that tree?

Paying his doctor to avoid the draft, makes him a coward........McCain is a Patriot who served his nations cause as a pow for 5 years after enlisting.

I have a copy of my Birth Certificate but not my Death Certificate. In order to get death benefits under my term policy they require me to present an official copy of my Death Certificate but I don’t have one. Is there something I can use for now until I get this vital record?

It could be proved by Science. A form of energy exists that the planets have that interacts with our soul. The soul energy and planet energy is the same kind of energy. When someone dies they lose a few ounces of weight this proves the soul. It is known in quantim physics about neutrino like particles. These... show more

Please tell me how many driving lessons you had and how old you were. Just curious