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Is everybody really 50th cousins?

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Best answer: There aren't that many people named Guiffre in the USA, compared to, for instance, people named Smith or Jones or Miller. If Bill Gates held a "Gates" family reunion and offered to pay for airplane tickets, rooms and meals at a 5-star hotel, and nightly entertainment by Hollywood stars, he still... show more

As a black person, when people ask me where I am from, usually they mean ‘originally’ (as in you know, being of Nigerian ancestry) but being born and brought up in London, UK, but I was always of the impression that I can technically say I am FROM England since I am native to London by BIRTH. After all, where... show more

Best answer: Reality is it is unlikely your family photos are online anywhere, unless someone in your family has researched and have access to 'family photos' and they have uploaded them online....... so research your ancestry, the siblings of your parents ( your aunts/uncles) and their children ( your cousins may have... show more

Thank you!

Best answer: You don't, unless you research the genealogy and find out how each individual is related to the others (or not).

Best answer: Assuming they were full-blooded and no one else has any Indian blood, You have 16 great great grandparents. 2 of them were NA, so you are 2/16ths or 1/8 or 12.5%.

I only know one person who has it. And apparently it's neither Spanish nor Celtic, as the person I know's family is entirely from Sweden,

Best answer: why not contact both groups and ask them? I bet you are not the first person to ask this as the war between the states was said to have pitted brother against brother.

My friend is from South America (Bolivia) and has a Spanish surname, but came out as fully Native American on the DNA tests. His parents were the same. Why do have European surnames?

Uncommon (French?) Surname?

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Best answer: There are many European surnames that mean king or royal in their own language: e.g. King, Leroy, Koenig, Kiralyi, Del Rey. But one thing they *never* signify is that the holders are descended from royalty. Think about it: if a guy called Thomas is royal, do people call him Thomas Royal? No, they don t. He is... show more

I know that somewhere along everybody's ancestry, is a royal family. However, is it unique that George Bush is my 9th cousin? I don't expect to go to the White House and get benefits or anything weird like that, but just wanted to know if everybody is related to a former president.

My wife just received her Visa. They have no surnames in Burma (Myanmar). They put the last part of her given name as her surname.

Best answer: Many of my ancestors land in one spot or another around Massachusetts Bay between 1620 and 1640, but some of my ancestors came to various places up to about 1860. Before the 20th century, there were no designated ports for immigrants. People could walk in from Canada and from territories to the west and south or... show more

Most surnames derive from words to words. Is it true that people with surnames SCHWARTZ jewish like Meyer and Mayer?? Schwartz is surname of my childhood best friend. Is SCHWARTZ most common Jewish surnames??? What does SCHWARTZ mean? Plus MCKINLEY is my neighbors surnames. I know that surname begins with MC meand... show more