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I can't remember my wifi password?

14 answers · 2 days ago

I am 17 and my mum thinks its appropriate for her to control my wifi access through the modem so it cuts off at 7:30 every night and for two hours during the day. I believe this is absolutely ridiculous and does anybody know how I can bypass this?

Best answer: If you are using WPA2 encryption on your WiFi, change the pass phrase and pick a good long random sequence of characters including letters, numbers, punctuation and other symbols on the keyboard. Disable WPS and UPnP in the router. On any Windows 10 PCs, disable the stupid facility to tell your contacts the... show more

Best answer: First, I really doon't think that iis wise... However, if you are that deetermined, are you talking about an OS password, or one in the BIOS (befoore the boot process even starts)? If it's in the OS, there are boot disks you can DL that will reset it (but be advised if there are any files there encryped... show more

Best answer: WiFi extenders don't work that way. you have to place them halfway between the two wifi points. also, wifi is not meant to travel so far. it hates walls and there are likely more than a few houses between you and the store. honestly, it is hard just getting a signal between two neighboring houses, much less a... show more

I have a d-link dcm 202 and a netgear router. Everything is lit up, but when i go to control panel > internet options > connections > refer me to more internet connections, the add hardware wizard shows up, but it isn't detecting my modem. I selected every possible modem, but nothing's happening.

Best answer: Social Media Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram have largely replaced much of the chat room requirement. Then Skype and WhatsApp have filled in any gaps that were left.

I have a windows 7 laptop and a win 10 pc tower. The laptop is really weak and not good for gaming at all but the tower I custom built for gaming so ive got some pretty nice hardware. Im going somewhere and id like to bring my tower but I wont be able to connect it to the internet but I was wondering if I can... show more

Best answer: No, you cannot purchase another router and just 'hook it up to the cable'. The router has a MAC address, which is registered to your dad's account. AND he lives 30 miles away (I'm assuming in a different town). Even if you took your dad's router to your house and hooked it up, it... show more

How does fiber optic reflector work?

10 answers · 2 weeks ago

Best answer: Make sure you're connected to your Sky Broadband home network. Open a new web browser window. In the address bar, type and press Enter. Select Change Wireless Password in the right hand menu. ... Enter the default router settings username and password in lowercase.

Better wifi?

6 answers · 1 week ago
I live on the outside of a small town I have wifi and it works but I can t really play online or stream without constant buffering will wifi boosters work? I don t know much about this stuff and would like some help. Is there any way to improve my wifi?