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How can i torent games on xbox one?

5 answers · Xbox · 2 days ago
I knowi can do it on pc. But what about xbox one?

Can I change my xbox 360 to xbox 1?

6 answers · Xbox · 6 days ago

So my husband is a gamer. So am I. But not as bad as him. We have gotten to where we don't really talk a lot any more, probably from being together for 12 years. But now he has started gaming with a girl on xbox live. And here is the thing, he laughs with her and jokes around with her all the time. I've... show more

Which is best Xbox one or PS4?

4 answers · Xbox · 6 days ago
Best answer: if you want to play halo or forza, get Xbox One S if you want to play uncharted or god of war, get a PS4. if you have certain friends you want to play with that only play on one console, then get the same one. as far as actual specs go, while PS4 has slightly better specs in general, to the casual gamer, it... show more

How can i switch my xbox one for a ps4?

4 answers · Xbox · 1 week ago
So i really wanna play the last of us and until dawn. But is is not available on xbox or pc. How can i switch the xbox for a ps4?

Where can I buy the physical version of FIFA 19 for PS3?

7 answers · PlayStation · 2 weeks ago
I can't seem to find it anywhere and I want the physical version and not a digital download. Thanks for your help!

What happens next?

5 answers · Xbox · 2 weeks ago
So, I had £15 in my wallet, when I come home from school, I find it isn’t there were I left it (don’t start with the ‘you lost it’ thing) and I went into my bedroom and find my Xbox one console has just been tooken out its place with all the wires there, it is obviously my mum taking away my stuff which I bought... show more

Is fortnite dying?

9 answers · PlayStation · 2 weeks ago
Many people (including me) are starting to play fortnite less and less. Dont mention the 125M players because that number will never decrease since i think its the amount of players that played fortnite atleast once. I just want to know everyone's opinion on this topic.

Does anyone play a volion?

5 answers · PlayStation · 2 weeks ago

Best answer: Grand Theft Auto V. Far Cry 3. Resident Evil 4.

Should i get a Xbox one S for Christmas?

5 answers · Xbox · 3 weeks ago
Im thinking about getting an xbox for Christmas but im worried that it will stop update suport or "xbox live" support.

Best answer: Does xbox 360 have 4k resolution? Can the 360 allow control of your tv? Can the 360 multitask? Can the 360 play BluRay? If you say the xbox one is just a beefy version of the 360, does that mean the switch is a better wii? or the ps4 is a better ps3? The answer is no, they are the same at the core, but basically... show more

Best cheap gaming pc build?

4 answers · PC · 4 weeks ago
Best answer: Most of gaming is about the graphics card but you don't want to go too bad in anything else. Assuming this is USA, you have a few directions to go. Best Buy retail $519, $530 gets an RX 560 2GB and either A10-9700 or... show more

How much should I sell my broken 3ds for?

4 answers · Other - Games & Gear · 1 month ago
There's no scuffs on the outside and it works perfectly fine, but the top screen is busted.

What do they sell at game stop?

10 answers · Other - Games & Gear · 1 month ago
Best answer: Video games? Obviously? You idiot