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is there a way to save it?

There's no way to tell if it's on focus.

Best answer: A photographic "copy stand" (about $160 from B&H, or look for a used one) might work for this.

What s the best way, in today s technology, to record and store home videos for the future? When I was a kid my parents used VHS recorders, but I now want to record my newborn daughter, although cell phones are good, I ve had them crash before..

I’m sick of hearing my own voice when i watch the video took at concerts or gigs.

I have some old big camcorder that I got in 2002, I remember I got it for my 20th birthday which was in 2002 so it’s kinda old and I lost the charger about 10 years ago, does anyone know of any places that sell chargers for old camcorders? I’m curious to see what’s on it.

How can I convert usb3 to usb2?

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I have a video camera that I am running hdmi out of and I also have a device called camlink. This can link device only works on usb3 and my computer only has usb2. I’m wondering how to convert usb3 to usb2

Best answer: Any or all of these reasons may apply to a particular shoplifter: They can't stop themselves. They don't care. They want to challenge store staff. They get a thrill from it.

My camcorder won’t release my cassette tape. It won’t open when I press eject. I have a Sony ccd-trv57 please help

What were VHS cameras used for?

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Best answer: Prince Charles. Princess William and Harry. etc. Royals are both rich and famous from birth.

From 1980-1999, I know most people used a camcorder (I think) to record stuff.

I want one that is discrete any suggestions leave links or name some and no phone suggestions thats stupid.

Best camcorder?

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*PLEASE READ* Hi I'm looking for a camcorder for short films. I'm used to DSLRs but I want a camcorder that's good in: - low light - looks professional - nice color i was looking at a canon xa10 but those are a lot older can anyone help me out?? i really need one that is good in low light

Best answer: We don't know if you already have: Microphones (there is no single best mic - it depends on the scene). At a minimum, a shotgun (condenser) mic and a couple of wireless lavalieres. Just this could use your entire $850 budget. I use Audio Technica, Sennheiser and Sony (professional) mics and lavs. Audio... show more

Or at least have the camera facing low enough that it is not over the fence of my neighbor's front door so I can avoid legal trouble

Best answer: It is a home video. Find a functional VHS machine and find out what's on the tape.