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Line in the sand?

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The uk has long had a tradition of being tolerant and supporting freedom of speech should we draw a line in the sand ,ignore Teressa May and others and move on from Mayor Johnston’s remarks re Burka ,those offended might consider our history of freedom of speech and him not advocating a ban on the burka,

Facebook message request?

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Best answer: Just ignore it or say no to the message request.

They suspended me, they won't give me a reason other than list of broke one of terms. Don't know which rules. Anyway should I make new account? Or don't do anything for a while maybe year or so before make new account? Ya know wanna keep myself profile low and hopefully they forget me before I made new... show more

I was on my bfs phone and i checked his messenger and it was like only 6 conversations, when usually it’s a whole lot like hundreds from over the years. i even checked his account info to make sure it wasn’t another account. it was the same. the 6 conversations were guy friends and then he deleted the app. so i... show more

Best answer: Its already bit them minority's, blacks, colored people will neve make the mistake again what they did with obama

How can someone have 1,500 or more friends?

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Best answer: Usually, that person doesn't actually know that many people. Most of the time, they just send random friend requests and add random people. A friend of mine has 1,600 FB friends. Most of them, he doesn't know personally.

I only have four posts on my instagram, and only one (a graduation photo) has my face, like I need an excuse to post my face, yet I still periodically get creepy guys following me. I only have like 20 followers! They're mostly waay older than me, either a foriegn account or neck beard, and sometimes send me... show more

Best answer: in trouble with whom? their mommy and daddy? the police wont care

How do I get more Instagram followers?

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I don’t know if the facebook rumours are reall?

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Peoplw say the owner of facebook is able to view all my data and even sells it? Should I be worried or is it all a lie?

Why do people like Gmail so much?

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To me, the interface seems primitive. Like Yahoo Mail of 10 years ago.

Request new password for gmail?

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Do ppl always respond to a facebook request?

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Lets say the girl you like you request her and she lives in a town 30 miles away and you don't have the same friends on facebook she might think hmm how did he find me? Well do you think she would delete your request? Or just ignore and let it pend? Like as in leave it pending

Best answer: Most ISPs, in most countries, are required by law to record everything that passes through your service. At least, the best they can. ISPs do this to protect themselves (legally), as well as having means of providing information to law enforcement (with a court order). Things like encrypted passwords (HTTPS links)... show more

Amazon refund?

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