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What jobs guarantee gas cards?

6 answers · Chevrolet · 2 days ago
After finding my dream car for sale in my area (‘99 Chevy Suburban) I realize I would need a better job to pay for the gas if I’m gonna keep this pipe dream of owning a gas guzzling SUV. What jobs or big companies guarantee a gas card for their employees to use?

Dash lights very dim at night on my monte carlo 2000?

5 answers · Chevrolet · 19 hours ago

Is this a good price for 2014 Acura TL?

4 answers · Acura · 19 hours ago

I have no spark in my 1995 jeep wrangler?

7 answers · Jeep · 3 days ago

Refuelling a BMW X1?

6 answers · BMW · 2 days ago
Best answer: The little silver flap moves aside when she puts the correct fuel nozzle into it. Huge numbers of modern cars have flaps inside the filling receptacle which work exactly the same way. Your mum had best try it BEFORE she’s anywhere close to running low on fuel, because if there is a fault on her new car she’ll... show more

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Haven't changed either front or back but need rear break pads and rotors does that indicate a problem with

How much would it cost to fix up a 1977 corvette c3?

11 answers · Chevrolet · 6 days ago
I am thinking about buying a 1977 c3 corvette to fix up but was wondering what would be the range to fix it up and how much would it be worth when I want to sell it.