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What is Justin Bieber’s nationality?

42 answers · Bahrain · 3 days ago
Where was that most hated musician Justin Bieber born?

Best answer: I'm a Christian and I believe with all of my heart that God is indeed REAL and absolutely true. But I would never say that God is a FACT because I can't PROVE GOD. And the moment you declare something as fact people have a right to insist that you back up what you are saying with evidence - with proof.

4 hrs for avatar flight!?! Wtf!!

Best answer: Their culture emphasizes respect for one’s fellow human beings more than ours, probably. They also are generally physically and mentally healthier than we are, due to their diet and better medical system I’m guessing. Japanese diet alone is considered one of the healthiest of all nations.. Because of their high... show more

Why doesn't NYC have platform protection on their subways?

10 answers · New York City · 15 hours ago
I've always wondered why the NYC government doesn't install protections to prevent people from falling/being pushed off the platforms while waiting for their train. Is it because the city is too cheap to install these barriers?

Best answer: None. They aren't and never will be members of the royal family. Charles will probably be known as King George VII while Camilla will possibly not be given the title of Queen.

Is Australia the most racist country on earth?

18 answers · Other - Australia · 3 days ago
Innocent Muslims lost their lives due to racism. Why is Australia so racist?

Best answer: Yes, when he was younger, he dated a lot of women his own age but, there was not one of them who would be prepared to take on the impossible task, of pandering to him, his extreme pomposity and the fragile ego he possesses. He finally found a beautiful, EXTREMELY naïve young girl, one who loved the idea of being a... show more

Would you rather travel to Iceland or Greece?

12 answers · Other - Europe · 2 days ago

Best answer: Yes and they are likely to be given princely titles or dukedoms.

What can be done to solve the suicide crisis amongst Aboriginals?

8 answers · Other - Australia · 21 hours ago

Will Prince Harry's child be called Bruce?

8 answers · Royalty · 1 day ago
Best answer: Only if they hated the child.

Was Obama the first Jewish US President?

9 answers · Israel · 1 day ago
Best answer: no, woodrow wilson was and you know what he gave us. the federal reserve and income tax maybe abraham lincoln was. look at this date

Do they scan checked luggage at Pearson Airport?

6 answers · Other - Canada · 17 hours ago
I will be flying back from Florida to Canada and I was wondering if they scan the checked luggage?

Is he a player?

6 answers · Singles & Dating · 22 hours ago
I met a guy in the library and he told me I was pretty and gave me his number and asked me out right away. I saw him again 2 months later. And he recognized me and he talked to me, but he forgot my name. He said, "Is it Keira? Michelle?" Which wasn't even close to my name. And he didn't remember... show more

What states do I travel through from Texas to South Carolina?

7 answers · Other - United States · 22 hours ago