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Best answer: Many virtue-signalling tree huggers and hippies live there..

Is it true that Judaism or Jews, are OK with gayness?

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Is it possible to drive from Florida to Alaska?

13 answers · Other - Canada · 21 hours ago
Best answer: Yes.

What is the most important city in the United States of America ?

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Will I have time to make my flight?

11 answers · Air Travel · 2 days ago
In May I will be traveling outside of the country and have one connection in Atlanta. I’ll arrive to Atlanta at 9:05am(presumably) and my flight to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republican leaves at 9:49am. Will I have time to make it to my flight is only 30mins? Since the cut off time is 10mins before boarding, does... show more

Or is she still a biological woman?

Does wyoming really exists?

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Dear British people why are you so much afraid of Muslims ?

9 answers · Rio de Janeiro · 2 days ago

I'm Brazilian and I wanted to live in Toronto, Canada.?

7 answers · Other - Canada · 1 day ago
Best answer: As do a great many people. In fact, fully half the people living there were born outside of Canada. Personally, I would not live near the place, but, that's just me. I believe Canada has a great deal more to offer, but, people from outside the country don't seem to know this. To immigrate to Canada, you... show more

Why does my mom hate me?

24 answers · Other - Vietnam · 5 days ago
My mom bought me a cheap a** 1999 Saab car. We both realized that I needed a car to get back and forth to work as public transit is so s**** in our neighborhood. I asked her if she could help me finance a more modern, attractive looking car and she said “No”. Why does she hate me?

Who is the royal dentist who would do this scraping? Or does a lady’s maid servant wash and scrape the Queen’s teeth?

Best answer: 2 embassies are located in Jerusalem. Guatemala and USA.