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Should I report my 18-year-old brother fo fraud?

9 answers · Sydney · 21 hours ago
Best answer: You need to speak to your brother about repaying you in full. If he can’t do it in the next couple weeks, then it up to you if you tell the CC company what happened and request a reversal of the charges. Either way, you get a new card and number. Protect it better so your bro can’t access it.

Do all Jews hate Muslims?

18 answers · Israel · 1 day ago

Can I take food on a plane?

13 answers · Air Travel · 1 day ago
Best answer: There is no problem taking only a carry-on bag. A lot of popele do that to save money and hassle. No big deal. You are correct that powdered items are now facing more scrutiny at security, but that is primarily regarding incoming international flights. You likely will not have any problems at all, especially... show more

Why are the idf and israeli police afraid of rocks?

10 answers · Israel · 13 hours ago

Can I cancel a flight ticket and get a refund?

10 answers · Air Travel · 14 hours ago

Unlike Ron DeSantis, who is an evangelical and believes in the Biblical mandate to back Israel. I don’t know why the self-hating Jews in Broward county are screaming for a recount in favor of a black Nazi.

A person comes walking into a train station clearly in distress because he's having a hard time breathing after smoking an illegal drug. The station attendant and the commuters within this building fail to provide medical assistance while the attendant calls law enforcement instead of the ambulance.... show more

I was born in 98, lived in Ireland but prefer Britain? Basically all the details are in the q

I’m 18, can I go somewhere even though my parents say no?

11 answers · Other - Destinations · 2 days ago
I’ve brought tickets for a concert in 4 months time, it’s in London and I’m from Manchester, and I’ve just told my parents and they are saying they aren’t allowing me to go there because of how far I’ve got to travel. I really don’t see how this is fair because I’ve brought the tickets and I’m paying for the travel... show more

If you were to move to a different country then where would you move?

34 answers · Other - Destinations · 5 days ago

I just read an article about a US citizen named Brandi Brandt who was extradited from Los Angeles to Sydney, Australia for sentencing and to serve out that sentence. Her crime was being involved with a cocaine trafficking syndicate that was trafficking cocaine into Australia. Can't the US government just... show more

How do people afford to live in California?

7 answers · Los Angeles · 18 hours ago
I’m not even talking LA is SF or SD, just ANYWHERE in the state? Even the crappy parts of the state, apartments go for like 2k a month and up, and the jobs pay low wages. From all the research I’ve done, it seems the only way to financially survive is if you room with at least 3 other people. What’s the secret?... show more

He is using israeli taxpayers' money to do this.

Should I fear immigrating to USA?

6 answers · Israel · 1 day ago
Best answer: USA is pro Israel. So don't worry. Israel wasn't responsible for 9/11. It was actually Sunni terrorists sympathetic to the Palestinians. Orthodox Jew

Is there an x Ray in the airport that will detect weed?

20 answers · Air Travel · 5 days ago

Can you book a whole Disney trip for $600?

18 answers · Orlando · 6 days ago
So I just booked my Disney trip (airfare, hotel, car rental, park tickets and food) and it was all a little less than $600 for one person. Was that a good deal? It was hard to get those prices though. I was checking EVERYDAY and all the time for like 2 months. Is that price good though? The total of the trip was... show more