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Best answer: If you're a science-geek and believe in human-caused global warming .... then you are science geek-enough to know that all species go extinct. There are plenty of options in getting there, but it hardly matters. Extinction is inevitable.

Best answer: That wouldn't be appropriate for scientologist children who believe humans minds are controlled by the souls of alien pod creatures.

Are we doomed within less than 10 years because of severe global warming from excessive methane release?

Best answer: When you believe the junk science that the planet is heading toward catastrophic warming, it is understandable. When you are educated about basic science and understand that most of the claims of catastrophic warming are easily refuted lies, you can get upset about the liars but you know you and your planet are... show more

How exactly am I "following" the crowd?

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Unlike leftists, I support nuclear power. I believe that stopping pipelines means buying oil from ISIS and not using less oil. I believe that a "revenue neutral" carbon tax is a dumb idea. I do believe that humans are causing Earth to warm because of evidence, not because Al Gore or some other... show more

Best answer: _There is no science behind climate alarm. Just the world’s stupidest people being funded by the government to push propaganda. Anthropogenic CO2 climate change is a lie, and no amount of consensus will alter nature’s judgement. “In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble... show more

Restoring Coral Reefs - sound strategy or wasted effort?

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Best answer: Have a look at this pdf ... https://www.climatelinks.org/file/3699/d... and the references contained within.

Best answer: NYC probably not, one of the worst for health safety etc.

Best answer: Sea level has risen 400 feet in the last 20,000 years. It has nothing to do with capitalism_or sport utility vehicles. Sea level rise is not accelerating. Globally, according to NOAA, sea level is rising less than two millimeters per year. It will require more than 2,500 years to achieve five meters of sea level... show more

Best answer: Although he hasn't posted here for a while, "Wage slave" comes to mind. But I don't think even he advocates for Communism. In any case the people who try to link environmentalism to communism are bonkers. If they want to claim that dumping waste products into the environment is one of the... show more

In commercials for water aid etc why do they show children walking for miles to get water rather than building a house closer to the water sources, wouldn't that be the more logical option?

Best answer: Even Google is extremely irritating about its obvious bias toward propaganda. They provide links to all the usual suspects regarding Algore's claims, i.e. those trying to spin it. I don't buy into the scare tactics that changes in Arctic Ice pack means more than a hill of beans but clearly Algore was... show more

Best answer: Strictly speaking, there is no law that says that you have to care if you believe in global warming. Personally, I do care. I don't want lives to be lost or any land to be flooded.

Best answer: The ones that don't believe in global warming push their propaganda about how much combating the problem will cost, or how it will be used to take away personal liberties. They do this at the same time they run the deficit up to a trillion dollars by spending so much on defense, so that they can bomb people... show more

Best answer: It depends on what you call lying. Science has ways of propagating untruths without actually telling outright lies. As you mention in your question, you can make a forecast like "The North Pole will be completely ice-free in five years," and when it does not happen that is not a lie. You can publish... show more

I live in the faroe islands and the sea shepherd is always trying to stop us from eating whales. Theh harass and bully us and assult us.