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My bed is quite high off the ground due to the height of my new mattress and i am nervous about having my dog sleep on it in the night, as i worry he might fall off it in the dark. Can they see enough in the dark to know where the side and end is. Have any of your dogs ever fallen off your beds?

do u think it is wrong for a person to choose not to be in the room with a very sick dog that is being put to sleep? if they feel too sad or feel they will break down in front of their dog? would it then be best for the human to not be present and make matters worse for the dog? Thanks for honesty.

Is it time to put my dog down?

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He was diagnosed with diabetes many months ago... We gave him his insulin shots everyday for months but things only got worse, so we stopped giving them. Nowadays hes as skinny as can be, drinks water and pukes it up all day, has an uncontrollable bladdet, and is blind. Hes very weak but still barks and walks... show more

Whats food should dogs avoid eating?

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My girlfriend wants me to get rid of my dog. We have been together for a year and a half. I’ve had my dog for over 5 years. My dog was always decently well-behaved, except for some separation anxiety issues. When I moved in with my girlfriend a year ago, his behavior went downhill, and has not improved. He pees and... show more

Dogs or cats?

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Can I keep a stray dog?

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I found her on the highway eating a dead raccoon. She was extremely muddy and hungry. I took her home with me and posted on facebook about her. After a week I took the posts down with the intent to keep her. The owners neighbor contacted me and said the dog is mistreated and that isn’t the first time she’s been in... show more

Don’t dogs need a lot of space?

Best answer: None - unless breeding on a large scale, you DO NOT make money breeding. Troll. Add - Was a time when the Government, thinking they'd be helping poor Welsh farmers, suggested they bred dogs - and so caused the birth of the Welsh Puppy Farmers. IF you are genuine and I'm sorry I still doubt that,... show more

Should the UK reintroduce hanging for murder?

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Best answer: 💯 % yes! Just look at the large number of murders occurring in Britain each year; and with sentences getting longer something needs to be done. There will come a time when the jails will be exclusively filled with killers unless the death penalty is reinstated. Anyway, what right does someone like Roy Whiting... show more

Need help with a dog name?

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Best answer: I like Doser (but I am thinking of using the names with a command like "COME" in order to save its life in an emergency) not how if might fit the breed. Are sure you are not OPEN to more gray or blue name options? Saber, Slate, Flint, Rocky, Gunner, Slash, Smokey, Shadow, Mica

Is it true when dogs smell fear they bite?

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I kind of what to buy a pet lizard or maybe turtle. I live at at my parents house right now but in August of 2019, I will live in a dorm at a university. I don’t know if the school will a lot. Do you know?

I got bitemarks all over multiple cables, earphones, chargers or extention cords. I obviously cant put ALL of that crap out of his reach.

Which breed comes to mind?

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When you hear the word dog, what dog breed comes to mind first?