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Is it not pathetic that Trump is feuding with a dead man?

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What will happen to the UK after Brexit?

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Best answer: There IS no better deal for the UK than remaining with a say in EU law making and never was. All this angst over the notion of 'sovereignty' being possible to re-acquire in a globalised world is simply perverse. Nationalists won't feed you, they only care about inflating their own egos and bank balances. show more

Best answer: Corbyn is just the kind of politician Theresa May is pointing her finger at - one of many who has refused to come together to get the UK OUT of the EU if that's what the majority voted for. Instead he continues with his own agenda. If ever there was a time to GET TOGETHER, it's now. As it is, May is... show more

Best answer: If we leave ( not 'Crash Out' or any other Project Fear BS) on the 29th on WTO terms it would indeed be good news, but it is still dependent on the decision on the delay by our enemies in the EU.

What was the NZ shooters motive?

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Best answer: If you read the manifesto, you understand the motive, that he is anti-immigrant and wanted revenge for the 1,300 years of Islamic terrorism. But this all comes from an extremely angry man, burning with hatred and with no self-control. But he is NOT crazy, though he is evil. he had a chance to do what he just said by going to a meeting which did include Chukka Umuna (however ghastly that was for him).

What was the last video game you played?

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Best answer: My house is right on the beach in Florida . . . . believe me, there's more bellies than 6-packs. So enjoy the beach, but for the benefit of your long-term health, consider starting a program for gradual weight loss (you don't have to deprive yourself to lose a just a pound every week or two).

Best answer: This irritates me too and at one point I was screaming - 'not mine dear'. However she does tend to find a mantra and keep quoting it.

and not ignored quickly It was an Muslim migrant, with a previous conviction in Italy for a sex offence