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Best answer: There are plenty of Germans to honour their jack booting,goose stepping soldiers. NO,we dont need to do or we send a very bad message.

Should the UK take in more refugees?

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What are you going to stockpile for Brexit?

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Looks like we're going to be cut to the bone

Best answer: It's the same morbid curiosity that keeps reality TV on air. It offers some relief that for all our own faults we are not as criminally stupid as others out there. This child's birth runs counter to Darwinism.

Why would a straight man defend homosexuals?

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Best answer: Beats me. Perhaps they are homosexuals.

Why do EU Remainers hate their country?

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Best answer: We don't. Leaving the EU is clearly going to damage Britain's interests.

Are you a pacifist?

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Left-wingers: Should murderers be imprisoned?

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What do you think of Stan Lee having past away today?

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Best answer: I feel sad & he was cool. 😔 Rest In Peace, Stan Lee.

Is the UK really a free country?

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It has an unelected queen with many powers as head of state, and criticising her remains technically illegal. There is no real freedom of speech, you will end up with a criminal record if you say something to offend Jews, Muslims or homosexuals, or if you teach your dog to perform the Nazi salute (yes, really). It... show more

Which celebrity do you most resemble?

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What guns would you most like to have?

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Are all the Celebrity homes burning down Karma?

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Why does Fox news attack liberals constantly?

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One time they showed a video of Melania Trump saying ever since she's become the first lady she's been getting bullied a lot. She never stated who was bullying her. But for the next 2 days, all fox news could talk about was "Liberals are bullying melania!!!!!!" (It literally said that on the... show more

Should all illegal immigrants in the UK be given British citizenship?

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Best answer: Why did the Lusitania sail in with no protective destroyer screen? Were the destroyers all busy somewhere else?