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I just dont understand this type of logic at all. How can he claim to love me and yet cheat on me with multiple women? After I found out he had been cheating on me, he literally begged for me back saying he loves me. I threw his flannel in his face and slammed the door in his face and he was crying like a baby.... show more

So embrassing. My Dad just walked in without knocking, and saw me and closed the door fast and left. I wanted to tell my Dad to knock before entering, but I'm too embarrassed to say anything to him at all now. And if I tell him to knock, he will know exactly why I want that, since he already saw everything. I... show more

Should I break up with my boyfriend?

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We were talking about if we would ever get married and it was an amazing conversation but towards the end I asked if there’s anything I could ever do that he wouldn’t forgive, and he said cheat on him, which led us to start talking about celebrity crushes and if we would let eachother cheat with a celebrity crush ,... show more

Best answer: The trick is to be polite while having a nice, shiny, metal backbone. You do not have to be necessarily rude but you do need to stand up for yourself and be true to your convictions, assuming you have some. If you do that, people will respect you, especially women. To paraphrase a famous saying, if you stand for... show more

What can I do If I fall in love with a married lady?

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How Do You Know The Relationship Is Really Over ?

55 answers · Singles & Dating · 4 days ago
Best answer: It truly over at the 1st point of betrayal despite it taking some time for them to officially break up. You see, we all say that we accept the fact that s/he might have made a mistake, however, once the betrayer feels a sense of power from being let off the hook so to speak, they become cocky. They ignorantly have... show more

Husband passed away 7 months ago, only make enough to pay bills , don’t recieve food stamps.

How to tell my partner I mostly orgasm from grinding?

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So I’ve been with my partner for 6 months, but we have known each other longer. We have had sex but he hasn’t been able to make me orgasm yet, I usually use my own hands to do it. However, what really gets me off is grinding pillows etc, it’s the pressure that this creates ( I also did this when I was younger). I... show more

So today we went to visit an apartment to rent for the two of us. He was shocked when as we got in, that we could hear the smell of cat pee. He could not stand staying there and when we finished visiting he told me outside "I wont ever let my son live this way, with pets pee... did you see her mom (there was a... show more

Why do people on this site have such stereotypical views on women?

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Answerers on here seem to think that all women secretly want relationships... that they're more emotional... bla bla bla. For me, and many women, this isn't true. It leads me to believe that the people on this site lead very sheltered lives. Should I go to a site that's more credible than yahoo answers? show more

I'm just curious the spectrum of sizes/styles of people's rings! One diamond? Three? Band of diamonds? Shape of diamonds?

My husband stayed out until 3am?

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We don't have any kids and are both in our late 20's He left the house at about 10pm. I figure he would be home by 12am at the latest, not! he came strolling in at a little after 3am. I think that is inappropriate behavior for a married man. At least tell me that you will be out late. I plan on doing the... show more

Recently I found out where all the wash cloths have gone to. I don't touch anything in his room i just check it he's not doing anything bad in there. I found his pile of them. I ask him does he know where they all are he says no. I'm running out of wash cloths. I can see the evidence of his deeds.

Should I tell my girlfriend I don't like her makeup?

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When I met her 2 years ago she was very plain and didn't wear a lot of makeup because she didn't have to she has a beautiful face but she changed about 6 months ago she started watching all those stupid makeup tutorials on youtube. You know the ones that are trending all the time where they do over the top... show more

Do woman enjoy watching men masterbating?

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Do you want to be friends?

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This is probably weird. Idk. I’m a 28 year old female, live in the Bay Area of California. I’ve never really had friends, underlying childhood issues. But I feel like it’s affected my life in more then one way. But I’m at the point in my life where I really want friends. I’ve been dating someone rather seriously... show more

Will I get a call home from school?

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Best answer: They really should let it go but it's possible you could still get a call if your teachers are stalking the students online and reading what they say about the teachers. Just try to not post those things in public whether they're a joke or not because people will take offense.