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I go to a local ice cream/coffee shop and the girl behind the counter has really long hair and she wears it down. i found a hair in my ice cream. The owner said, staff don't have a dress code and can wear their hair how they want. She offered me a refund. I suggested a ponytail or a visor, she said her shop her... show more

When can I buy cracke in New York City?

7 answers · New York City · 1 week ago

If no how can I report them? Chicago area. Average cost for a slice is $5.50

What’s is like to live in Atlanta ?

3 answers · Atlanta · 2 weeks ago

Best answer: Georgia Tech Acme Training School.

Best answer: Yes as it saves having to work around office workers

Packers and movers in mumbai?

10 answers · Mumbai · 4 weeks ago

Hello there. Please HELP. I am so terrified. He said he'll call the cops to take me out of the house. And he's asking for my keys now. He lives in the same house. I have no where to go.

Can I bring a client of mine to another agency if I get a new job?

2 answers · Other - Local Businesses · 4 weeks ago
As a real estate agent, I currently have a client at firm A. I, however, am transferring to a new job at firm B (completely different firm). Can I take my client with me? Or does that client stay with firm A?

How long is the movie?

2 answers · Dunedin · 4 weeks ago