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Where do you buy your jeans?

16 answers · 17 hours ago

Can I wear this at a wedding?

19 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: Sure. Strap on some heels and go.

Can a man wear a skirt ??

10 answers · 18 hours ago
Best answer: yes they can

Alright, last time I went to Disney World I blacked out and I don’t know if it was from dehydration or something else and I’m going again. It says it’s going to be around the 60s tomorrow but the high is a 79 and I’m going to be there all day. What do I do?

Should I get a nose ring?

29 answers · 4 days ago

So I basically want to go into Victoria's Secret because I want to get a new bra, panties, and a PINK perfume. I am a little nervous walking into there because I know it is a store for "Adults" but is it still okay if I go in there. I look like I am 16 but I really am 13. Will people look at me weird?

Which one looks more ridiculous?

11 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: Kardashian Family Christmas card.

Do you wear socks during sex ?

54 answers · 6 days ago

So after going to the gym for awhile tomorrow, I have to almost immediately go pick someone up and then we’ll be hanging out all day. Is it ok if I wear my black Reebok compression leggings all day? Or will it be weird? It’ll be under armour shoes, the leggings and a t shirt that will be covered by a north face... show more

Best answer: As long as nothing happens requiring you to walk around the gravelly roadside barefoot, there's no problem.

Would you date a guy like me?

18 answers · 4 days ago
Im 23 and straight but I love fashion I love going shopping looking for trendy designer clothes. I love express its totally my favorite store. I also love Putting together a new outfit to look nice. I try too keep my skin nice looking bright and clean so I have a complex skin care routine. I not really that... show more

My friend wants to know as she’s 40 next year . Please don’t be rude she’s a lovely person and it’s cold now and she wants to be comfortable she does wear jeans and jumpers too and boots . She wears t -shirts too sometimes . She doesn’t wear tracksuits every day . She doesn’t do sports or workout and she isn’t a... show more

Best answer: Maybe for a special occasion.

How to be beautiful like an angel of Victoria's Secret

Best answer: I have no problem with people who wear, sell, or make fur. That is the purpose of most animal life, to be used for practical purposes.