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My mom tells me I should wear one. I just want some input Thank you,

Best answer: Kinda true

T or F - You are older than 30?

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Can a boy use this bag for school?

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Hello, I’m leaving tomorrow for Dublin from New York. Can’t figure out for life of me what I should wear. I’m going with my boyfriend fiancé. It’s going to be 67 degrees in New York and 56 degrees in Dublin when we arrive. I can’t figure out what to wear . A dress .. a skirt.. sandals.. sneakers.. adidas leggings... show more

Best answer: maybe save up for money and buy her a sweatshirt she would like that isnt cropped

Best answer: False. Can be but not always.

Does this look look good on guys. Here's what I'm planning to wear: Black hoodie Grey shorts Black socks Any advice?

Which top should I wear today?

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Best answer: Ooothe one of the left classic chic.

What to wear on hot rainy days?

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Its going to be hot tomorrow with scattered thunderstorms. I also have to work in this weather and I don't own any rain pants. Last time it stormed while I was working, I wore jeans and ultimately they got soaked and my coworkers were afraid I'd get sick from wearing wet pants. Do you think athletic shorts... show more

Why do bald men wear hats?

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Best answer: I'm also bald and I wear a hat in the summer time to keep the sun off of my head and out of my eyes. Hats can also come in handy for keeping the head dry when it rains. In the winter, I wear a wool cap to keep my bald scalp (and ears) warm.