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Best answer: The truth is real training doesn’t start until age 7/8 when both mind and body are mature enough. That being said age 5 is a way to start in pre-ballet classes to get them used to the idea of taking a dance class. Real ballet training doesn’t start until age 7/8 when dancers can start to engage and hold their... show more

How to Brazilian samba dance?

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Best answer: You have only been taking classes for three weeks. I assume you don’t take class daily but once or twice a week at most. It takes time to get the moves into your body memory. It takes time to build the muscle needed to control those movements. When that happens then things will be faster. It doesn’t happen in only... show more

Hi, I’m a 14 year old girl who’s taken an interest in hip-hop dancing. I would love to take classes except I’m afraid of dancing/practicing in front of others. I don’t know what to do except maybe pay more for a personal dance trainer or something similar.

Best answer: still wear your best, you will NOT regret it! Although avoid long gown and evening gloves. Have FUN!!!

Best answer: Look at various dance tutorial Youtube videos. They will teach you everything you need to know. It's okay to be a slow learner. Eventually, you will get good at it and you will naturally speed up your learner. Don't worry and just take your time.

Help im an awkward teenager?

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Best answer: You can go commando, most of the girls do.

I am a belly dancer myself

Can anyone learn to dance?

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I am 22 years old and I’ve never had a dance lesson in my life. A friend of mine has tried to teach me a few moves, but always says I’m way too stiff. If I start taking professional lessons could I learn to dance and be fluid in my movements, or is it just something you have to be born with

In the second verse, there are vague instructions on how to do a line style dance to the song. My question is, are we supposed to follow these rules, or can we have a little fun with the dance?

the proof that black people are better dancers? The most famous dancers in the world are white males (Fred Astaire, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Gene Kelly, Vaslav Nijinksky, Rudolf Nureyev, George Balanchine!). Can you name one famous black dancer??? I can't! Why would anybody think white people can't dance?... show more

Best answer: Are you warming up your feet before you go en pointe? Often dancers do warm ups of their body, but forget to warm up their feet as well. Make sure you stretch your feet both before and after going en pointe. If you have a foot roller or tennis ball in your dance bag, use it before and after pointe work on your... show more

I've done Tap, Ballet, Majorettes, Disco, Modern, Highland and Irish dancing. Not all at the same time. I did the first 6 growing up and then I did Irish dancing for 3 and a half years till I saw what a phoney arrogant jealous piece of trash my teacher was and QUIT!

I have very tight hips, and I saw special dance teachers that helped open my hips up when I was younger. The stretches they gave me focused mainly on my hamstrings, but it’s my thigh muscles that aren’t very flexible. Does anyone have daily stretches that I could do to be able to reach the splits even with my issue?

Hips aren't square? Help!?

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My front and back legs are straight with my toes pointing completely to the front and back, and I'm all the way down on the floor, but my belly button isn't pointing straight ahead. This is what I was told is an indicator of squared hips. It's pointing kind of diagonally, not straight out to the side... show more

Can I teach myself pointe?

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I know lots of ballet Ive done it 2-3 years, quit about a year ago, and I have done figure skating since I was 9... i know u will all be like “no u cannot go en pointe without teacher” but i can watch videos and only do some like just going around on my toes, not doing super hard stuff, i actually went in pointe... show more

I took two years previous dance experience but was a gymnast for 8 years. Dance comes pretty naturally to me and spend lots of time studying new dance moves and how to do them online. I teach around 15 young dancers a week. My dancers compete and we always end up taking home first or second place. All though I am... show more