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Do you cook or bake a pizza?

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The best example I have so far are boxes of pancake mix where all you do is add water and they cost less than $3. Also box of mashed potato mix. Or canned beans.

Have you ever eaten crabs? What do they taste like?

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Why eat meat and dairy if you don't need them to be healthy?

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I've been vegan 15 years. I'm active. I work out at the gym 4 days/week, mountain bike, hike, and I have a labour intensive job (carpenter). I feel great! So why do you need meat and dairy?

When was the last time you ate candy?

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What do beets taste like?

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What is the difference between white eggs and brown eggs?

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Beef: Favorite cut of meat?

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Best answer: Prime Rib, hands down. I love when I can go to Longhorn's or O'Charley's and order some Prime Rib with Au Jus for dipping, oh my goodness.

I want to be vegetarian but my parents dont take it seriously?

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i mentioned it a few days ago but my parents changed the subject. my stepdad kinda made fun of vegetarianism during dinner as well after i mentioned it. i dont want to be vegetarian because people are slaughtering animals, and it might be a bit insensitive but i dont care about that - people are going to continue... show more

I've been vegetarian for almost 20 years. Vegan for the last 10. I have never once talked about it or told anyone what they can eat. I'm not an activist. I live a regular life like anyone else, I just don't include animal products in my diet. It's that simple. Eventually friends and coworkers find... show more

My granny used to kill her chicken herself.

Where can I buy zero calorie pizza?

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I’m on a diet

Anyone like orange juice but not like to et oranges?

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Best answer: Me. I hate stringy pulpy oranges with that nasty white pith(?) On them.

If God didn't want us to eat meat then why did he create animals?

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Do I actually have to make something or can I for example go to target or cub foods and get something from there ?

How do I make a love potion?

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How do I use it on someone? Gosh I wish there was a witchcraft category

How often do you eat seafood?

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Is tea actually bad for you?

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Sometimes when I drink a hot tea with some sugar on it it makes me wanna go to the toilet and hurts when I'm doing you know what. I actually prefer coffee much more than tea.

My best friend went vegan but I am very worried about her. When I bring it up she just gets mad and defensive. How do I get her to eat meat again?

You like fruit or fruit juice?

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