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I hate beer. Do you?

178 answers · Beer, Wine & Spirits · 2 days ago

What is the most delicious food in the world?

23 answers · Other - Food & Drink · 10 hours ago
Best answer: Chocolate ice cream

At what age did you learn how to cook?

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What kind of british food is this?

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Good methods for crushing cereal?

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So like I LOVE the cereal “dust” at the bottom of the bag and is like my favorite part of the cereal and out of cereals mini wheat dust is my favorite but is there a good way to crush cereal into that dust?

To expand on what I mean by that question, I m looking for simple dishes and or recipes I could make at night, that wouldn t take ludicrous amounts of time, and I can reheat or put together for a well balanced breakfast. I can t eat too much sugar like cereal or waffles and such in the morning, as they hurt my... show more

Best answer: get recipe or something similar

Where can I buy unsweeten coconut?

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Good breakfast food to bring to class?

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I have to bring in a breakfast food/snacks for my class at University. Something for like 20 people. Any ideas besides donuts?

Is the meat expired?

13 answers · Other - Food & Drink · 1 day ago
Today is Jan 16 2019 but the meat on the package says use or freeze by 01/11/19 im trying to give to my baby for dinner does it mean its expired since its 01/11/19?

Is it safe to drink out of the bathroom sink?

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Best answer: Do you use the water in your bathroom sink to rinse your mouth when you are finished brushing your teeth?? Of course its safe. there is only one source of water into a house, from a main line.Once in the house the water is routed to sinks, fridge like yours, the tub, the toilet. Its all the same water.

Do you think humans are naturally vegetarian?

34 answers · Vegetarian & Vegan · 4 days ago
I mean with our current body parts there is no way you can kill a cow or horse..

Best answer: Not at all unusual, since they separate the double (and triple) yolked eggs from single ones. A mistake was made by sending that dozen to a grocery store rather than selling it to a restaurant or specialty store. If you buy eggs directly from a small farmer, you will frequently get double-yolked ones, but because... show more

What should I have for dinner tonight?

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Best answer: Tonight I made shrimp pesto, which is really easy and pretty tasty. Chile Relleno is pretty cheap and easy to make.

Which is worse and dont say both. soda or energy drinks?

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its for a paper im writing

If its 33 degrees outside can i keep my ice cream in the car?

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How much veges do u have with your dinner?

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Can you make a good chicken stock with just chicken bone?

14 answers · Cooking & Recipes · 2 days ago
During the winter, I roast a chicken about once a week or every week and a half. I will usually eat tow meals off the chicken, and then use the meat for sandwiches or chicken salad. About a fourth of each chicken gets turned into chicken soup, made with canned chicken broth. When I roast a chicken, I boil the... show more