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What is the best fruit to eat in summer?

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Do you eat popcorn when you go to the movies?

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What is your favorite fruit Guava or Pineapple?

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Best answer: My favorite fruit Guava.

What is your favorite dinner meal?

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I have always peeled the potatos the traditional way with a sharp knife and go round and round and remove the peel in one long strand. It has come to my attention that there are some inventions and devices available for peeling potatos, have you heard about this? Is it real or gimmick? Does autopeel really work? Is... show more

Would you eat this pizza?

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Best answer: Heck no

What is your morning beverage of choice?

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What foods do you like to take on your picnic?

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What is best fast food chain?

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Corn or zucchini?

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Best answer: I like fritatta, a crustless quiche. I typically par cook or cook vegetables before assembling the fritatta. They are super forgiving. You can do a themed fritatta, like a mexican one, with veges, peppers, onions and garlic, plus cheese of course. You can even sprinkle corn chips over the top. Or italian. One... show more

Should you put salt in the water when boiling potatoes?

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Best answer: Put them on the belt in that order, ask the cashier to start another bag when a new section is reached OR shop at Aldi and package your own groceries.

Best answer: Yes.The only problem is that oil tends to ooze out when warm. So if you are homeless be careful how you carry it around because you won't want to get the cheesy smelling oil all over your stuff. So a plastic container is better than a paper bag and check it now and then. The liquid is nutritious so you can... show more

Can you boil fish?

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Alright sisters can I boil mtn dew to make ramen noodles?

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Best answer: sure you can. use a slightly larger pot because the soda will bubble up as it boils. Rather odd choice for the liquid for ramen noodles Might be nice if you like a sweet/salty taste might want to add some pepper flakes to get a bit of hot/sweet/salty

Reverse hamburger....good idea? Yes or no?

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Best answer: I'd say the reason hamburgers haven't been "reversed" until now is that the bread on both sides keeps your fingers clean! Not having hamburger grease on your fingers could save on laundry, too! If you don't want so many carbs (from the hamburger bun), just wrap the meat in lettuce and enjoy!

Can you cook prawns just 1 day out of date?

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What is your favorite flavor of Kool Aid?

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Coca cola secret formula?

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say some scientist takes a bottle of coca cola and analyzes the molecular structure of everything in it and isolates the secret coca cola formula, and were to tell people what it is, could the coca cola do anything about it?