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Best answer: Meagan Trainer wouldn't fit on a BILLBOARD..... And Taylor Swift would need to be a POP UP to be able to be SEEN!......😂😂😂😂

Best answer: I think he's known for the first man to rum the four minute mile and as a great orator. He also won the strong man contest and was one of the best iron men to exist.

Is Swiss roll not your favorite cake?

12 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: No, it isn't. Spice cake is

Best answer: No, Orange juice ~ R

Best answer: It's basically a hippy who wants to abolish borders and establish a global government, while dressing it up as peace, unity, and other feel-good bullshit.

Is Trident not your favorite gum?

6 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: its good but no

Best answer: That happened to me at work last July. I'm the mug who makes cards with the kids every time a kid or staff has a birthday but when it came to my birthday nobody made one for me. Only the cook wished me happy birthday. It just reminds me how unvalued I really am. Damn my workplace.

Best way to kick someones balls?

14 answers · 2 months ago
Just wondering in case some weirdo tries to case me on the street lol. Whats the best way to maximise pain?

Best answer: If they did not sign up for them on their own, yes it is illegal.

What is your blood type?

12 answers · 2 months ago

Funnest ways to get detention?

11 answers · 2 months ago

Best answer: important

Should we stay off yahoo answers?

5 answers · 2 months ago
As a Christian. there are so many nasty evil minded people.