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Best answer: One way to get an idea is to look at other industries where government doesn't play a role and individuals and individual companies compete for customers ( or students). Wouldn't you agree that in such a situation, some really innovative and effective schools would be the result? For less money too? It may... show more

Are seedless grapes vegetables?

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Are seedless grapes vegetables?

Best answer: Colt M1911A1

Best answer: no reason to be scared

How do I become a polymath?

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Best answer: 1. Understand your potential is greater, "more unlimited," than your outer waking consciousness may "believe"--in other words, "conditioning as limitation" is what may happen as one's inner child, one's goodness and joy, becomes supplanted by childish misqualifications. 2. ... show more

Best answer: Try sending him a Tweet.

Best answer: Because regardless of what we are taught, most of us develop individual ways of writing. Except, of course, for those poor 20-somethings who haven't practised the brain-enhancing skill of cursive writing enough to develop a style of their own. They still write like 8 year olds.

Best answer: My MA in history enables me to predict the future based on what happened in the past. Since I spent ten years running my family's trust fund and tripled its assets over that time I submit that it was worth the time and effort. No knowledge is wasted, friend. As someone who has read a thousand resumes I have... show more

What does 666 mean?

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Best answer: No. Obviously there are people who have different capacities. People have autism, retardation, brain malformations, chemical imbalances and other issues which could effect their ability to learn language in both negative and positive ways.

Best answer: Better question. Why do schools and parents ALLOW IT? Doesn't anyone have cobtrol of these brats anymore?

C+ for midterm grade a good thing?

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Best answer: It is considered "Average". You need to study a bit harder to improve your grade. If you fail your next test, it may bring your grade down to a "D", then you may be in trouble....

Best answer: Hard working and able to deal with challenges