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Best answer: There wouldn't be any laws about this...that I can guarantee. Appeal to the school's administration, they might be able to speak with this teacher to convince them to change their mind. I would expect most places would give some leniency here...but there might be other restrictions over which they may... show more

I mean I know that most people need to go to school if they want a higher up Job but those universities have turned into Marxist garbage. What's a person to do. What do you think can be done. Should we pass some laws against cultural Marxism and the left so they cannot poison our children. I mean look at those... show more

Schools in USA are good?

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I was asked about the validity of creationism and I avoided the question and talked about the nature and philosophy of science and for students to decide for themselves. But if I were to answer directly about God, creationism, I really want to explain to students that if I side with religion I could risk my job... show more

Best answer: "May I be honest with you? I find it annoying when you say that to me."

Is Wikipedia fake?

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Best answer: I dropped out of high school and got a GED at 17. Ifucked off for 10 years then landed a good union job that I've held for 21 years. I now make six figures working as a telecommunications engineer. I have no mortgage, no debt, a fat pension and a fat 401k. Company paid health care. I'll retire a... show more

I have generalized anxiety disorder and am stressed out. I want to have a few Modelo beers in class to take the edge off.

Best answer: Most people can't handle days and nights that last half a year each, nor temperatures several dozen degrees below zero

I had her in 9th grade and back then I was extremely awkward, Poor, and fat. But I was a good student regardless though and I had a good relationship with her but it was just awkward at times. 10 grade I was the same. But stuff changed slowly by slowly as the years progressed. I have fresh clothes, chains, I lost... show more

Best answer: A calculator doesn't have an IQ at all so even I'm cleverer than that.

Can a adult take ged diploma?

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Is my GPA somewhat well?

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I do some of my work when time permit. But I think. May be some behind. I got the few f grades but i rebound some. So. Score 0.296. Am I doing a somewhat well?

Am I smart according to my grades?

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My mum always tell my relatives and other people that I don’t do that well at school. My dad avoids even speaking about my grades and how I’m doing. Right now I feel pretty crappy about my grades. I try super hard but I get mediocre grades, but I don’t know for sure if they are mediocre because my friends say... show more

New to Girl Scouts?

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Best answer: Grit and determination