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Best answer: No; I would say lack of education would be more accurate.

Best answer: Umm. No?

Best answer: No, I would not be looking to waste money, time, and their education.

Best answer: Yes, the schools in and around Salt Lake City have been in session for about 2 weeks now.

Describe education in one word?

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Best answer: I can relate to you my GPs career path. He, like myself is a veteran who served ten years in the Navy after graduating from med school with an additional two years of inactive reserves. Today he has a good practice and is well established and debt free for his education and in his early 40s. Many of his... show more

Calculating heritage percentage?

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OK so I need help calculating something. If my dad is 1/2 Russian and 1/2 Japanese. and my mom is 3/4 French and 1/4 Japanese, what am I? I thought I had figured out what it would be but I couldn t figure it out. Probably because I suck at math. I know it s more complicated than that but I just want this simple... show more

Do men cry?

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Best answer: Yes but not as often or for as many things and guys try to hide it and hold it in its like girls have to look pretty and cute guys think we need to look formidable and strong

Best answer: I have said this for years, but not everyone has a need (or place) to change their own oil. They taught us to change a flat in driver's ed in high school. I think they need to have a mandatory class that teaches students about insurance, banking, credit, and other essential knowledge that generally takes years... show more

Best answer: You need to meet with your college adviser. Retake the classes yosunfailed to bring up your gpa, otherwise those F will always bring down your gpa

Should I do my D of E expedition?

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Best answer: Yes, carry on! That's what D of E is all about. Toughing things out. And if you do fail this time, there's always another time, when, if you've really learned what's expected of you, you'll do better. Look, you maybe gauged it wrongly. Often stuff in life turns out much tougher than we... show more

So we were assigned to this project at the start of the year and the deadline is this week. We are 3 in total, but one of my teammates didn't do her part. Since me and the other person thought that she wasn't going to do it, we decided to do our own thing (which is already done now). Today we were supposed... show more

Best answer: Private schools are options that should be available to all who believe the school they are attending is inadequate for their needs. They pay for their public schools.. They should not be prevented from attending them if that is what they prefer. Or are you just jealous because of their cars?