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So my last name is Butt. Yes, really, it's Butt. And I get ridiculed for it by others students, classmates, and one teacher once made a remark to it. I hate when teachers take presence. My heart starts beating, then when they say my last name, I hear others laughing. Please help.

Best answer: No you do not.

This student has never talked to anyone else about what they confided to me. It is nothing serious but do I still keep our talks private?

How can I learn to love life?

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Best answer: It sounds to me as though what is missing in your life is intimacy and companionship.

Best answer: When I was a kid; that's where I spent most of my time. Naw, they don't talk to you. They send someone to pull you back in after a while.

Best answer: Generally by reading, then thinking about what they read.

My plan is after high school, I will move to a developing country and teach English there. I was born and raised in the U.S. I'm just your run-of-the-mill white American. So I don't need a college degree, right? I'm 17 now.

Bias/unfair english teacher?

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Best answer: Go to the principal/head teacher of your school and make your complaint. However, you should first of all obtain some backup from other students who have also been treated unfairly by this teacher. Your case will be stronger if you have the support of others. If you go alone to the principal, you may be suspected... show more

I have recently been asked by a parent from a school I used to work at if I would be up to teaching their 4.5 year old Spanish. She used to be my key child and I adore her to bits. I have never taught Spanish before. I have never taught a language, much less to a 4 year old. How would you approach this? any tips... show more

Lets say you're in college to earn your Bachelor's in Education, and during your studies you are hospitalized for depression and having suicidal thoughts. Would that hinder earning your teaching license, or hinder finding a job as a teacher?

When my teacher gives a new math lesson, I participate by following my teacher's every word, like if she says, "since it's a quadratic (and she pauses)" I'll say, "it has two answers." My classmates hates me for it. In French class, my teacher lets the class hear French music, and I... show more

Are you an online school teacher?

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Best answer: I'm an ONLINE SCHOOL BUS DRIVER.............😂😂😂😂

The teacher lets know our grade average when she calls our name (going down the roll list). But if we tell her no, then she won't say our grade. This one girl made a perfect grade on her test and when the teacher asked if she wanted to know her grade, she said no. She also has the highest average but says no.... show more

So I have a teacher, she is probably my favourite one and I care a lot about her. I know that this is none of my business but I would appreciate and answer. My whole grade thinks that she is pregnant because of the following things: - She teaches English and Math and on online it says that they need a teacher for... show more

I cried in class today?

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Best answer: It's not unusual to cry in late teen years in uncontrollable manner. It's like you're trying to stop yourself from crying and the tears keep running and it gets harder to breathe. You feel ashamed of yourself and think you made a fool out of yourself. Now that you've shared I know I was not... show more