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Best answer: Gross. NO.

Please don't come here to tell me I'm overreacting. Please don't come here to tell me ABA is good. I'm just here for answers. Thank you if you gave one.

Best answer: theres a good chance, but some as they mature they are able to learning coping skills and improve. also meds work better on adults, so meds may become a better option

Best answer: people with special needs. People with Downs are generally quite pleasant to be around and have a cheerful outlook even if they are sometimes difficult to understand. I have less experience with autistic children.

Best answer: If she's really on your side, your objective should be to keep her there rather than losing her. By continuing your discourse with her that has attracted her, you should be able to overcome any challenge(s) from rivals.

Best answer: Hey, if that image helps you sleep at night, sure, why not. In reality? I don't think random acts of brutality were as common as dramatized depictions of rome make them out to be, but given that the romans in charge (again assuming any of this happened in the first place) were probably pissed at him for riling... show more

I think we have every right to stim

I know someone who is high functioning autistic and doesn't like anyone and wants nothing to do with anyone and anything. and often he talks to himself like Gollum in Lord of the Rings

Best answer: They will never give up abortion.