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I am a freshman in my first semester at William Paterson University. I really wanted to dorm, but my parents refuse to support me on that since I live only 5 miles away. I’m trying to tell them that the cost of a car is much more, and if they want to get me any car worth while, that’s at least $2500 plus the... show more

Why would the government not release my grants and loans that I was awarded to my school? I had already completed 2 classes and was beginning my 3rd class when my school requested my funding be released. I had already signed my award letter and returned it but when they requested my funds they told me the... show more

Best answer: No. That is illegal. Your mother should contribute to the cost of your college education, and you should, too. For the rest, there are many strategies to pay for college. 1. Choose a cost-effective college/university. Just because you can get into an expensive school doesn't mean you should go there, if you... show more

I m a freshman and my college requires to pay money first even though I m still waiting for the student loan, so I have to ask my parents for the fee(I will pay them back once I get the money of student loan) And here comes the problem... I used not to ask my parents for needs(and presents, and help), asking them... show more

I am Japanese and recently interested in the economic situation of university students in US. I often hear in the Japanese news says that most of the university students in US pay all of their expense.(including tuition, living expense, and etc) of course using some student loan. but it seems almost impossible to... show more

Best answer: After you make her breakfast and clean up the kitchen, sit down with her at your computer. Get your FSA ID and password, and have Mom do the same. Then, go to and file the FAFSA. YOU DO NOT NEED PAPER DOCUMENTS - your mom can use the IRS Data Transfer and have her 2017 income tax data dropped... show more

I'm already enlisted in the Army and in the DEP, I'm leaving for basics after I graduate high school and I was wondering if I should apply for FAFSA? Would it penalize me for signing up, but not taking the money?

I'm going to college to major in business. I'm smart, was on the A,B honor roll for most of my grade school life and graduated with honors. I received my diploma a year early and graduated as valedictorian. What kind of scholarship can I get for being smart or graduating with honors? Are there any... show more

How am I expected to pay taxes on financial aid if all the aid given to me goes directly to my school for school-related expenses. For instance, if I am given $50,000 worth of financial aid and my total cost of attendance is also $50,000, but all of the aid goes to things like room and board, travel, tuition, meal... show more

Basically my mom left me on my own when I was 18. She followed her addiction to New Mexico and left me here in NJ. I m 23 and I m picking up the pieces. I need 45k to go to school. I have a 625 credit score. I work full time as a bartender and part time in real estate. And I have no cosigner. Point me where to go... show more

Best answer: You can try for a scholarship or get a loan. If not, go to your next choice of college. At the end of the day, employers want to see your dedication and work ethic, not the name of your college. Good luck and do your very best! :)