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Best answer: As long as they are not the remedial classes that are offered for the people who don't do well on the placement tests. 100 level courses as the others have mentioned. Not something like 080 math. That's not going to count. The art class should count. But take English and Math as well.

At least in highschool you get to choose the subjects

Best answer: Only 33 percent of the American public even has a bachelor's degree. Fewer still have them in STEM fields, a good school, or with good grades. There are lots of ways to set yourself apart.

Best answer: If you are not trying to transfer any credits, technically you do NOT have to send those transcripts. The sticky part is when did you actually graduate from high school? IF you have been out of high school for three years, you will be asked what the heck you've been doing. You don't want to lie. Also,... show more

Best answer: If you're a good student, get your homework on time and not disruptive in class, any teacher who gave you a good grade should give you a good recommendation. What elite colleges are looking for is evidence of unusual talent --- a teacher who can say that you are good at some sport, or play a musical... show more

I’m a second year university student and I am genuinely concerned about one of the professors I had this semester. I know it’s absolutely none of my business, but honestly, I have NEVER seen a woman so THIN before. She’s about 35 and is dangerously skinny. She doesn’t seem to have even one pound of fat on her. She... show more

Am I waisting my time in college?

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Best answer: No, not necessarily but that doesn't mean you have to continue. Step #1: Get academic support NOW for your current classes. Join study groups. Go to your teachers' office hours. Hire a tutor. You want to get through this semester and get decent grades. You never know what you may want to do a few... show more

Just for my curiosity. And best doesnt necessarily mean best payed, i understand engineering majors get you great paying jobs but i know from friends that it sucks in class. So how ever you portray the question.

If you knew a person who was getting their Ph.D. from a school that others consider to be a diploma mill. While getting their Ph.D. at this school that others say it is not a legitimate university, they also got an internship in the neuroscience research lab at Harvard, participating on a Brain Study. Would you... show more

I am a freshman in college right now. When I was a senior in high school, I wanted to major in business and create my own business after school. When I first got to college, I changed my mind to Biology Education (biology was my favorite class in high school). Then, last week, I changed my mind again to music... show more

I’ve wrote a student paper for him but he hasn’t paid me, I know what college he goes to but not his name ? Can he get in trouble

Best answer: Irrelevant, especially certificates of participation. Being on a school team each year for 2-4 years shows attributes such as teamwork, captain shows leadership. They are looking for long-term commitments in extracurricular activities which reveal personality & character qualities such as leadership, creativity,... show more

Best answer: You should be mature in professional situations.. Be yourself when you are not. Never put on a false front for anyone (ACTING) You are you, and should not change for anyone. On the other hand,, a grown man/woman should not be acting like a teenager or doing childish things.. I think you should understand... show more

Best answer: In which field? What are your career goals, aims? For some things, you obviously need advanced degrees. For others, many can do very well with a good liberal arts background, talents, and diligence, thus excelling in their field.