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I hate college...what do I do?

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I’ve been here ever since June 26th and my parents have never let me come home for any breaks or holidays, I am really pissed off at them because I hate this college and I hate the fact that they won’t let me work to become what I want in life, they think they can just choose what college I go to and what to become... show more

I always struggled with school and never got good grades. I tried college twice in my life and failed most of the classes i took. But still my dad says im just not trying. Ive studied and talked to tooters. Nothng seems to help. Mabye school isnt right for me.

For my whole life it’s been my dream to get into UCF (university of central florida), but this grading period has not been the best in Algebra 2 for me. I didnt do well on a test which gave me a C in the class. 2 points away from a B. My teacher says I shouldn’t worry because I still do well in his class but I... show more

I live in michigan and i bring home $300 a week if lucky. Id rather make $500 or more a week. I have some contruction and welding experiance and some college. I never was good in school and I failed atlot of classes in college. I really tried school but i dont think im capable of it. Ive tried lots of... show more

I got accepted to graduate school at the University of Miami, and I have to confirm my admission by the 27th. I’ve emailed the admissions team about funding and am waiting for a response. I’ve applied to 3 other schools and wont hear back from one of them by 3-5 weeks and the other two by April 15th and the other... show more

Best answer: Your syllabus for the class would have the professor policies about missing class. I have never heard of. one absent affecting a students grade. Read your syllabus. I wouldn’t think this would be worth bothering your professor about.

Best answer: tell him through texts

Best answer: YES & thanks

what did you major in?

I'm not especially good looking. I'm out of shape. I'm often 30 years older than they are and yet some of my college students flirt with me. Do they do this because they know I'm married and I'm not going to make any advance in return? Is it just for the grade? A joke? Practice? For real? How do... show more

Of should I just go for the Associates Degree for 2 years?

After submitting final grades during the window of time needed for grade submission, is a professor free to make changes to a student s final grade (for example, if they miscalculated)?

Joining military/college?

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Best answer: I don't think it's a good way to go about it. Either: 1. Look into an ROTC scholarship. These are very competitive but are easiest to get if you are enrolled in a science, engineering, or technology major (or nursing, for the Navy) (but not, typically, biology; only sciences that are actually useful to the... show more

I just don't understand. I studied hours for my biology and anatomy exams in college and still don't do as well I wanted to while other students just breeze through and barely put in time to study and do really well in it. Is it just me or other people have this same problem too? I do attend class and... show more

Best answer: No, not really. A class that meets only once a week is usually an evening class that meets for about 3 hours, or more - depending on the number of credits. You need four 3-credit hours to be a full-time student, and that means you would have to attend classes for 12 hours. That's impossible to do in one evening... show more

Best answer: Go to the school health office so it's documented you were sick.

I’m debating between UVA and Virginia Tech and I’m hung up on the fact that Virginia Tech isn’t as “prestigious” as UVA. I like Virginia Tech because it offers cheaper tuition, and a better environment and community. I’m planning on majoring in biology. I’m wondering if the prestige of UVA really matters enough to... show more

There are multiple concentrations in this degree such as, supply chain management, entrepreneurship, management, marketing, business analytics, Human resources and a couple others but the ones I've mentioned are the one's I more or less would choose from. My question is, are there any jobs that dont require... show more