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Do i tip the waitress?

18 answers · 3 days ago
Okay so I walked into Steak and Shake thinking that it was like mcdonalds where you order and then sit down. I did not think it was a restaurant with a waitress and everything. So I told them that I would like my food to go instead of for here and now i’m kinda sitting here awkwardly... Do I tip the waitress when... show more

Best answer: https://www.bonefishgrill.com/dinner-menu/wood-grilled-fish Here is the menu. They do serve steak and chicken.

Has anyone ate out a Panera Bread?

18 answers · 6 days ago
Panera Bread is one of these bakery and fast casual restaurants. But I never ate at one those places. But if anyone has, please tell me about your experience and tell me how good the food was.

I was in a nice restaurant, when I noticed a dog under a table. The owner got up & went to the salad bar & the dog followed. I complained to the waiter that took no action. So, I got up & left without paying. What's with people?

Best answer: Restaurants are obligated to warn you that consuming undercooked or raw shellfish or proteins may be hazardous to your health. Personally, I believe eating undercooked hamburger is especially hazardous considering any infecting organisms present on the outside of the flesh before it is ground is mixed throughout... show more

Booth vs Table?

8 answers · 3 days ago
I have always wondered why people dining in restaurants always seem to prefer a booth to a table. Nine times out of ten, when I hear a hostess ask for a customer's preference, they want a booth. And I have often seen people, after being led to a table, insist on being switched to a booth. Or sometimes they... show more

Restaurant bill?!?!?!?

18 answers · 1 week ago
If my restaurant bill is 11.89, then I add a 5.00 tip equals 16.89. I only have a debit card can I ask server to take 16.89 off my card or do I have to round it to the nearest whole number like 17 or 20 dollars?

Best answer: Canadian bacon is just american ham

Let's see you eat out and you have a nice meal, either in a fast food restaurant or a more slow food restaurant that has waiter service. And even slower restaurants, your waiter or waitress might ask you about dessert, and at that point, do you say yes, or ask to see their dessert menu and if something looks... show more

How clean is that kitchen?

6 answers · 6 days ago
Best answer: You can certainly draw some parallels between the cleanliness of those two locations. It sounds as though you have a wise practice.

Right now, I’m thinking the Cheesecake Factory, Melting Pot, Buffalo Wild Wings, Dave & Buster’s, Olive Garden, or this local Cajun restaurant (can’t think of the name right now). It’s probably just going to be my mom & I since I don’t have friends (2 maybe?) & not a lot of family over here. Oh, and I’m... show more

Best answer: U can eat wherever u want. Since they messed up first time it makes sense u wanted something else. Since u get credit in the future, just go back soon. Thats all.

I'm Asian and working inside a chinsee dine in restaurant. We provide perfect service and have their correct orders. Yet, some will do anything, ANYTHING to not leave a tip. Such as denying their orders "I didn't order shirmp fried rice i ordered shrimp lom mein!" When we clearly heard him. This... show more

can i reuse them as long as i still have money left on the card? - lets say i have 50$ on the card, and i only spent 25$, can i use that card again at another day for the remaining 25$?

What does “ Going Dutch” mean?

19 answers · 3 weeks ago

Best answer: After working there I wouldn’t really eat it. At least not late in the day. All the hamburgers that stay too long on the grill they put in a drawer. And I mean they don’t put them in the drawer till they’re shriveling up. Then they stay in a heat drawer for hours, maybe till the end of the day. They then either... show more

Best answer: Because it's not about what Americans want, it's about what HE wants. You haven't figured that out yet?