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Best answer: The liberals and the media plays their own flute, Trump just sits back and watches them make fools of themselves.

We don't talk like that out here. These toothless white guys sound like they are from Oklahoma or Texas. The south is sending us their losers.

Should Nancy Pelosi be in jail?

23 answers · Nantes · 2 days ago

After all science is testable, observable, and repeatable. The big bang does not follow the scientific method. If it does not follow the scientific method what does it make it ? pseudoscience.

Is this what flat earthers believe?

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Are all Democrats going to Hell?

9 answers · Pekanbaru · 23 hours ago

How many articles of clothing are you wearing right now?

10 answers · Niagara Falls · 22 hours ago
Kindly list them

Best answer: Obama was an average president, not a great one. Being able to play saxophone didn't keep Clinton out of trouble.

Why did Hitler have so much anger at the Jews?

5 answers · Tagaytay · 6 hours ago
Best answer: At the end of WWI in order to throw blame off themselves and their mismanagement of the war Eric Ludendorff and von Hindenburg, essentially the heads of the Reichwehr stated in an interview that the army had been "stabbed in the back" by the Jews and the Democrats. Considering the only Jew that held any... show more

Who is the king of India?

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Best answer: King Fisher Lager

What happens if I eat someone’s food at a restaurant?

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Best answer: U digest it