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Guys what are you eating right now?

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What subway sandwich do you order?

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Meatball marinara? Steak and cheese? Maybe your own mix up?

Well it seems you old religious douchebag Bible bashers want society to ban violently video games because you think they cause people that be violent without any evidence and being proven wrong time and time and time and TIME again. Yet here you are preaching a religion and a book that has made certain people go... show more

Why does Origins prove Atheist liars?

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very good food and service

It's my mom's birthday and she's taking me, my dad, and my 5 siblings to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner but I heard it's super expensive and it's stressing me out that it'll be over 500$ just for us to eat there.

Best answer: Go back and talk to the General Manager. Make sure you have all your proof before you go.

It's all in the question.

Why does KFC taste so bad?

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Best answer: Rohinga = Muslim.

How many has joined the no religion movement?

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What's proper attire for a fast casual restaurant?

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You order at the counter but they bring you the food

Popeyes fried chicken. I swear, there's never ever a time where I eat it, and don't need to take a number 2 afterwards. It always happen. Why? Doesn't matter what I've eaten that day. I always have to use the restroom afterwards, like 30 minutes after eatitng.

Why are liberals and conservatives so ignorant?

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