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What should i buy with my money?

32 answers · 4 days ago
Got a job....not sure what to buy tbh.

I need to find a way to come up with a million dollars fast, please help, time is of the essence

Best answer: no, he can take it or leave it

Why is my mom like this?

23 answers · 4 days ago
I’m 19 years old last year I attended college but I had personal issues so I’m not going back this year my parents are extremely overbearing ever since I came back from school I have to constantly ask for there permission to go anywhere I do have my own car and I pay the insurance I have a friend that I hang out... show more

Best answer: Food banks depend on donations of staples & canned goods, which they bag/box up and distribute to registered needy people. They determine (depending on how much donated food they receive & number of people registered with them, family size) how often a person can pick up food, and whether they might receive... show more

I wanted to make a big purchase and I didn’t have the money, but I know a trick of how to overdraft my account, so I overdrawn my account by $4200. It was only for 3 weeks until I received my monthly direct deposit, and they paid were paid back every cent, in addition to the overdraft and extended overdraft fees.... show more

Best answer: Sometimes. It depends on the family. If both parents work, they come to an agreement about how much each pays towards the upkeep of the family (could be equal or one pays rent and bills and the other food). Sometimes the husband is working and the wiife is at home looking after the family - in that case, the... show more

Best answer: Get rid of you debt

They ask about how much are we paying for rent. I mean, we can easily nkt say the truth. So whata the point?

Best answer: Yes, you have to disclose. Large cash deposits or purchases are indicators of illegal activity, like drug sales, money laundering, etc. Your line of business would be perfectly legitimate, but you need to have documentation of where that money is coming from. Photographs of what you are selling. Bills of Sale... show more

I charged the TV to my credit card but I saved $1,050!!! Off sticker price That means I have $1,050 towards retirement right? So how should I spend this retirement savings? I always wanted a new smartphone I can now buy it I like saving money

So i’m 16 and I got an email that said it would pay me for mystery shopping I gave my details and a week after I received a check of 1800 in my mail. I got the assignment emails with the assignments being deposit the cheque and also taking 1400 out and depositing it into an account as well. A few weeks later the... show more

I asked my family and they said working online is a terrible idea. You're competing with the world which means Americans get paid less than minimum-wage. Is that true? Isn't there any thing at all? My interests include math, candles, flowers, gemstones, so I'd like to be able to be create and be... show more