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We were told by the owner of the house he has been told by his fire ins. co. to cut two trees down because they're too close to the house. Why would they tell him that, and how could that hurt anything? We are finding this difficult to believe & don't want the trees cut down.


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How to find out who is husbands beneficiary in insurance and 401k. I remember husband making me sign on a few documents. I asked them what the documents are he just just sign don’t waste my time. I could t read as he had only the left the signature box open. I stressed I want to read the documents he said hey I... show more

After a lay off my company was affected by, ( I was one of the ones laid off but we still had a couple months to work) one of my previous supervisors tried to talk to me several times but I was too upset to say very much. At some point in time weeks later I tried to come speak to him in his office and he basically... show more

Best answer: No, Medicare Part D plans and Medicare Advantage plans that include drug coverage cover hundreds of brand name medications on their formulary, which is their list of covered drugs. All plans do have what is called "Step Therapy". This means that if there is a generic medication that does the same as the... show more

Best answer: One of the arguments (for) the ACA was that most people got their insurance from their jobs, thus by allowing everyone access and do away with pre-existing conditions, then many could buy on the open market. I had no clue since I had employer based insurance for over 30 years and my late husband was self employed,... show more

My son is 26 and doesn't have health insurance. I want him to get a dentist appointment.

I have numerous health problems including severe back problems and severe digestive problems. I am a veteran. The VA has been unable to help and has sent me several massive bills, proving that they lied about offering free health care. But my veteran status disqualifies me from other low-cost health care options.... show more

House Insurance Question?

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Best answer: Write to the insurance company, heading your letter COMPLAINT, saying that the damage is the kind that any reasonable person might have expected to be a risk covered by an insurance policy and that their behaviour is unreasonable and unacceptable. That should trigger their complaints procedure. Check whether... show more

Life insurance company claims that because of the divorce they will have to pay the funds to the contingent beneficiary. Here where it gets weird to me. Mother chose her sister as a contingent, father chose his sister as a contingent in the event they both passed. Due to the divorce they cannot pay my father but... show more

Best answer: IF you bought whole life insurance, and cancel it, you may have built up cash value in the policy, which you can take out when you cancel. That's the purpose of whole life - to build up value. Any other insurance, there is no refund of premiums paid, except for any prepaid amount which would have covered you... show more

My fiance and I will be getting married soon, for now I am planning to stay on my parents health insurance plan (I am under 26) and my fiance has his own insurance through his employer. I am just wondering if I need to call and let them know I got married, but that I will be staying on the plan as usual, will they... show more

Best answer: That would be up to the clinic if they would accept a payment plan. Call around and get the costs in advance.

Best answer: Even though you turn 65 at the end of November your Medicare will be effective November 1. You'll need to contact the Medicaid department and let them know about the increase in income. They will tell you when your Medicaid will terminate. It's possible it might term at the end of August but it could also... show more

I was watching a show where a man killed his wife by using cyanide to get money from the life insurance policy he had on her. I saw another one where a man killed his wife then married again killing that wife too. I think there are too many bad apples in this world to have life insurance available.