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Seatbelt law?

9 answers · 2 days ago
Anyone else think there shouldn’t be a law to wear seatbelts? It should be by choice only. Considering buses don’t have any seatbelts and cars never used to, people also don’t normally wear them on coaches, why is there even a law to wear them in cars?

I failed my road test twice now. Kind of embarrassed about it but I want to move forward and fix my mistakes and pass. I'd appreciate any helpful advice to help me understands my mistakes better because the examiner just gave me the receipt saying try again next time and didn't really go over what I did... show more

20mph when lights flash question?

13 answers · 1 week ago
So in my town they have added those "20mph when lights flash" signs around schools, when I slow down to 20mph I get tailgated hard but i m also worried about points as i m a new driver, is it a mandatory limit or advisory? it is not in a red circle.

Best answer: In Michigan, pedestrians always have the right of way. When the pedestrians have the walk signal, that means that oncoming traffic has the red light. In this situation, it is the driver who needs to see if there are any pedestrians crossing before they make their turn towards the pedestrian, therefor, the driver is... show more So lets say im making a left turn at the bottom. Do I stop for 3 seconds still? Like treat it as a stop sign? Thanks!

So im taking my drivers exam tomorrow and was wondering if when im turning right on a green light, should I completely stop like you do at a stop sign or not? ( yes i know you have to look for pedestrians using the crosswalk or cars turning left.)

Best answer: I too have a few rules about riding in my car: 1. No contraband! This is a little broader statement, it bans drugs and many other things which would give reason to have my car confiscated. It does allow a person to have tobacco products which does not bother me. 2. Wear your seat belt! 3. Hang on! Do not tell me to... show more

If so, how many (small or big)?

Best answer: Human beings have died from the hazards of transportation for all of human history. Commercial air travel is the safest method of transportation ever created. Especially if you measure per mile traveled.

Alright, so earlier today after I got home from school, I decided to take my dog out for a walk. After about ten minutes of walking, I was in another neighborhood where I noticed a navy blue minivan slowly driving next to me. I pretended to be on my phone because I wasn’t sure whether or not it was someone I knew... show more

Best answer: It isn't about getting tickets; it is about driving safely. The most expensive ticket is less then about the least expensive accident, not to mention injury and death. It is not always safe to go as fast as the speed limit but it is never smart to go faster than the limit. Stay out of the way of fools who are... show more

Best answer: Not only is it no excuse, it is useless. Think about the situation: they are going to be late if they do not speed and they are going to be late if they speed... a whole lot later if they are pulled over. Do they think their boss will say, "Well, at least Willoughby was only 12 minutes late rather than 17... show more

Tips on how to approach curves?

6 answers · 2 weeks ago
For sharp turns, do I do hand over hand steering? I tend to slow down a lot and make slight turns on the wheel. I'm afraid that I'll flip the vehicle over if I'm driving over 15mph