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My dashboard plastic got some cracks on it somehow. I wouldn't mind getting one at a junk yard if it was easy to remove. I took two screws off the top but don't know after that. Is removing dashboard plastic easy?

my friend does it every week in his Kia forte 2014 touring model. Whenever he picks me up from work the sign will show orange on his dashboard. he has been doing this since he got the car, but I heard it is bad.

Best answer: Saudi Arabia has glutted the oil market to lower fuel prices to get the world to forget about you know what. This has caused car buyers to forgo buying fuel efficient cars for the near and not so near future. GM and Ford are just trying to have some foresight and not be stuck with gobs of inventory that they... show more

So I had reserved an Infiniti or similar which came out to 80$/day and that’s on the premium car category aka “prestige” the Avalon is just a full size car and they wouldn’t adjust the price. Am I wrong to want to dispute it with my credit card company if they don’t adjust it?

Best answer: I'm guessing that you don't actually mean the wheel assembly, which is simply the tire and rim together. Perhaps you could figure out the correct terminology for what you're really referring to, such as the wheel hub and bearing assembly (unlikely) or the brake rotor and pad assembly (likely), which is... show more

Best answer: Yes it can. A new steel plate has to be welded to the tower and the hood will need beating out and a repaint. If you need to spread the cost just have the tower repaired and do the hood at a later date, assuming it opens and shuts properly.

Basically, when I booked the car it said $19 but when I got to the location they managed to change my contract to $39 per day. Is there anything I can do or just learn from my mistake?

I have a 2004 Toyota Sienna that the brake lights are out. It started at the driver side.. and a week later the passenger side. do I have a light bulb problem or an electrical problem? that kinda determine if I need to take it in for service or Do it myself.. Many thanks

Not sure why but I have an OCD to get them for my Rogue but I can't because the lease office said it will violate the lease and I can only get it done when the lease is over.

I am planning to install a cat-back exhaust system on my 2017 Camaro RS. I have read posts about other people having problems with check engine lights coming on. I am not planning to mess with the catalytic converter but I am worried that changing the exhaust system would cause a check engine light. If anyone has... show more

Best answer: Yes, absolutely fine. Modern cars have efficient brakes and ABS so the need for gear changes to assist deceleration is unnecessary.