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I was driving in the lane of a parking lot come up to a stop line and somebody coming from the parking spots on the right of me tried to shoot through the gap between the front right side of my car and an island. Scraped up the front right of my car ~$2,000 in damages and their driver side front and rear doors.... show more

I hit a parked car that was not occupied at the moment with minor damages. A police report was filed and I contacted my insurance company. We have not heard back from the other party and their insurance company. Does this mean the person never contacted their insurance?

Best answer: Absolutely and is a win/win for a title company. This is worst than one of those pay here/buy here dealers that overcharge you for interest and the value of the vehicle that you bought since when you buy here, NO one will loan you money and many cases these people default on those loans, thus even though they... show more

I recently got my first ever traffic ticket because of an illegal u-turn. It’s been days and I haven’t told my parents. I’m 18 turning 19 next month and have been driving since I got my permit in 2016 and received my license in Jan of 2017. I don’t have my own car because I’ve been driving my mom’s car that she... show more

What to say and what not to say to an adjuster?How do I file a lawsuit with out a lawyer? How do I know how much my payout is with my insurance company.Two kids,and my husband was in the car.

I recently was sold used 122000 miles vehicle with clean title and clean carfax. Only after I bought it I started to notice weird problems with the car. After looking deeper I started noticing lots of evidence of water damage like excessive interior rust, grit, dry mud, sand inside door trims and many other... show more

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I won’t have enough to pay my tags in full I’ve been saving. So can I keep getting paper tags until I can afford them? I live in Arkansas also.

Best answer: If you list the lender name you might get some more specifics such as who to contact. But I understand if would not want to do that. Has the payment been made? I can't imagine a larger and/or professional lender doing this, it just makes no sense. Sure the lender/bank would want to verify a claim is being... show more

The Car dealship that my car was originally bought from has closed down... I got into a car accident, then 2 months later my car note is paid by insurance, now i got a letter from the bank that financed my car stating to turn my car in to an auction, if my car is paid off by insurance, is that my only option in... show more

I only have liability and my car is are 9000 in damages to get repaired how can I pay for it? I don’t make near enough to pay out of pocket.

Transfer auto title?

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I bought an ex police car from a private seller, when I bought it all he gave me was the title that was still registerd through the CHP, when I asked about that he said he just bought the car and that I can just transfer it... A couple weeks pass and im trying to transfer the car under my name and I pay all the... show more

I'm not listed as a driver under the cars insurance but the car is insured. If I pay my ticket or fight it in court, will the insurance company know? It's my moms car and 3 other family members are listed as drivers who can drive that car. The insurance company is Farmers and yes I do live with my mom.