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Best answer: I live in interior Alaska. 50 yr Alaska resident. There are important things you need to do. First, get either studs or winter tires. For trucks and cars, get 50# sand bags (usually two or three do the trick depending on how large your vehicle is. Have a block heater to keep your engine warm. Slow down before the... show more

What kind of cars do rich people drive?

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Cat Converters?

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Why do I get so many negative commemts from people when I say take your cat converters off your car? Cat converters are costing the motorists of planet earth millions of $. Many people are rubbishing me, telling me I am wrong without even trying it. Your engine will run better, you will get better gas milage, and... show more

What is the average cost for car insurance for a 21 year old male?

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How bad are car brakes?

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I noticed in the last week a big grinding noise from my front brakes. The worst is when I am at my final point of stopping. I feel I need brakes and rotors. I drive less now and may wait until spring. How bad are brakes and what can happen if I wait to fix them?

How would they even find out? Only thinking about this because insurance for new drivers is very expensive, especially without the stupid black box.

Why won t my car start?

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What would depreciate the value of a car?

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Best answer: Driving it off the sales lot Driving it up the road Parking it Time The elements Bird droppings Sticky fingers Battle scars

Just got my drivers license, what is the best way to buy a new car ?

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Going to a car dealership or buying one off the street from a previous owner ?

Can a dealership sell a car in va with check engine light on?

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What should I buy with $40k?

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I want to buy something but idk what

What is the difference between a Boat and a Ship?

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I need help with my car please???

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Hey guys, im 24 year old girl and i drive a 2008 mercedes B200, and my coolant is very low. But i dont know what coolant to put in my car? Is it bad to mix them or do i have to wait for coolant to be completely empty? Can i have some help?? I know its a really dumb question :(

I would guess that it is much higher.

Is my mechanic cheating me?

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I just got my car back after putting a used engine inside. The day after its having problems, at first he tells me its the speed sensor but now he says its the fuel pump and it will cost me $500. It seems supicious

What happens if I need to get an oil change but I don’t?

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What oil to use?

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I am about to do the oil change on my 2018 Hyundai Elantra Sport but can t figure out what oil I need. The owners manual says it uses ACEA A5 or above. A quick google search doesn t reveal much. All I see are oils labeled OW-40, 5W-30 etc. Which oil is compatible with my car?