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Hi I recently bought a car on finance 6 days ago, it took them 4 days to be able to release the car to me and give me a call to collect,when I did I noticed the engine management light was on and it was in limp mode a fault they supposedly fixed before I came to pick up, o told them I don't want the car if... show more

Selling a previously written off/damaged car?

9 answers · Buying & Selling · 2 days ago
Hi, I’ve recently discovered, through trying to sell my car that it was a category C write off before I even owned it. The car was a graduation present to me so never even thought to background check a present. Me and my parents are rightly annoyed, but it was a private sale when they got it me and there isn’t... show more

Best answer: No. It is basically a balloon filled with Hydrogen gas. As you know balloons filled with Helium gas also float. Helium atom is TWICE the size of a Hydrogen atom...and helium balloons finally get soft and land as the Helium escaped between the molecules that make up the bag. Hydrogen would escape even faster... show more

Why doesnt my local gas station ever give me a recepit?

19 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 2 days ago

Lately I’ve just been wanting to pack up my motorcycle sell everything and just ride

Can you rent a car if you have no permit/ license and do not know how to drive?

24 answers · Other - Cars & Transportation · 3 days ago
Best answer: No. Require license or permit, And, major credit card. . I'm not even sure of permit. Major renters like Enterprise require you to be 25 or older. Most also require you to have insurance or buy it from them, more $. Best you borrow from a friend. I sympathise. I tried to rent a car at 60, I had no major... show more

Is it safe to drive a 18 wheeler through a 3 to 5 ft flooded area?

11 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 21 hours ago

If you have a nissan, does that make you rich?

16 answers · Buying & Selling · 2 days ago
Best answer: Having a networth in the 6+ figure range makes you "rich" owning an over priced vehicle makes you foolish for wasting 💲 money!

When weather is to hot my car engine heats up?

31 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 4 days ago

Cleared car codes with OBDII scanner help!?

10 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 1 day ago
I accidently cleared my cars codes with my obdII scanner. I found problem codes that are now gone. Will my mechanic know what to fix on my car still?

Please help me sort my USA Roadtrip!?

12 answers · Insurance & Registration · 2 days ago
I have my own self converted camper van (a ford transit swb) which has been quoted at £800 to ship to USA. However I am confused as to what else I need to pay to drive for 12 months. I need Insurance. Road tax? There is no clear answer I can find online. Is insurance more expensive in the US for a UK license?... show more

1979 300d mercdes?

9 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 23 hours ago
Bought a car for 1000 decent shape problem I have is when I start the car in the morning I have to press the pedal I changed all filters etc that I saw ran sea foam in it and is there a way i can make it a lil faster it's so cat can out run me please help

Back in the 1970s and 1980s the Japanese cars did in fact surpass the American cars in reliability and quality and thus it led to Americans buying more Japanese Toyotas and Hondas.. however in recent years the American cars such as Chevrolet and Ford have matched and even surpassed Japanese cars.. but the... show more

Jeep Dealership haven t delivered car.?

13 answers · Buying & Selling · 2 days ago
I purchased a jeep 2 weeks ago at the dealership. I have signed all the paperwork and put in my down payment. At that time, they told me it was at the port on May 24. Two weeks later(now), they still have no idea when the car is going to arrive. What options do I have here besides waiting?