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Can you stop reading this?

8 answers · 2 days ago

For example this one day my friend and I was walking to the library in Cleveland Ohio and I seen a dead decapitated bird head laying on the sidewalk and was like " What the ****?? Is that real or fake?? " so I took a closer look and realized that it was real and was gonna come back with rubber gloves wrap... show more

Best answer: I can't wait for end game

Best answer: I had a handgun confiscated last year by Merseyside police

Who invented condoms?

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Best answer: The rubber vulcanization process was invented by Charles Goodyear in 1839, and patented in 1844. The first rubber condom was produced in 1855, and by the late 1850s several major rubber companies were mass-producing, among other items, rubber condoms.

Best answer: Cause you cant laugh out loud ,when you find happy book ,about Mr Gay Burn

Best answer: Yes, I've just sent him a card.