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What dose coined mean?

5 answers · 3 months ago
Best answer: It can also mean "invented" or "came up with" in terms of sayings or words.

original: "Do you want him to be a doctor or lawyer?" quote: Do you want [your son] to be a doctor or lawyer?

Do you agree with this quote?

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"Don't gain the world and lose your soul; wisdom is better than silver or gold."

Any idea? Have any of you ever heard them sayings before or what?

Best answer: No. Obama said that. About his grandmother who raised him. [Shaking my head]

I have suffered a loss, Forrest, far greater than my legs. It's my spirit, my soul, if you will. There is only a blank there now - medals where my soul used to be.

Best answer: I don't like being 90 and I don't understand how anyone else does.

Inspiration quote?

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Best answer: Have You heard, kill them with kindness? Well, it's not exactly the same thing. We are to love our enemies but in doing so, the kindness drives them crazy. People who believe that they are your enemy will have a hard time feeling like You ignore their criticism and in turn treat them well. They are beyond their... show more

Is this a good quote?

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Best answer: It looks more like an insult than anything else. If you like to insult, the quote is good; if you like to be tolerant and civil, the quote is not good.

I've never heard that saying before in my life.

What is your favorite quote ever?

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