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Best answer: While I believe that you actually did, what you should have done. You also have no idea what upper management has been promising, telling them all along. Do not for a minute believe becouse you are honest, means they were also. Time after time I have seen management string along customers, telling them what they... show more

How does a money order work?

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I m selling a saddle. I ve been in contact with the lady so I believe it s legit. She also added me on Facebook and we ve talked there so I know it s a real person. How long does it take for a money order to send? And how to you pick one up or does it come in the mail? Obviously not send the saddle until I received... show more

How do you get back a package that was addressed to your old house (by dumb phone rep), and when you go over there they tell you they don't know? He said he would have to ask his roommate, which I know is a lie, because if either one found it and kept it they would surely tell the other. This was usps so a... show more

Best answer: That interconnectedness makes it unnecessary to have a single currency. But in effect there is only one 'monetary system' . In the first world economies financial transactions from giant loans to small purchases operate seamlessly across borders in a common framework of rules and laws. And where that... show more

I feel like people can listen to each other very well without making eye contact. It makes no sense to me.

How to Calculate FTEs?

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Best answer: Average orders per day times minutes per order, divided by 60 gives you total hours to process. Divide that by 8 to get FTEs.

ed my bowling alley could I let my family and friends have everything free and go in the front of the line so they don't have to wait?

Best answer: Yes, but it's not as bad as being 30 minutes late. If I were that early I would have waited in my car or a coffee shop or library.

Best answer: Letter carriers do not access the box section. PO boxes are open in the back and postal clerks put the mail into them. The only person who would not be able to open a PO Box is the person with the key to it, and then, only if the lock was defective or the key broke off in the lock.

What is an IRA?

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Is my boss gay?

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Best answer: people like to talk but I think it is all in good humour. Just laugh it off.