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Best answer: eventually Michael Jackson will be forgotten, maybe in 100 years or so many people wont even remember him, and by that time new celebrities will rise and take his place, eventually every king is dethroned.

Best answer: a diver

Are you a fan of michael jackson?

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Best answer: I like Micheal Jackson's music but I wouldn't call myself a serious fan.

Whos your celebrity crush?

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What was Britney Spears' downfall?

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Best answer: Definitely him, but I feel that Disney also had a bad influence on her. Why Disney? Look at the majority of all of the other females celebrities that were Disney girls between the 90s and 00s. The majority of them went through "phases". The only one off the top of my head that never became corrupted is... show more

Best answer: No he’s not a twin

Best answer: Selena Gomez

I go keifer Sutherland

I always thought that was a white girl.

Best answer: billy zane will not even look like marlon brando unless they do some work on his face to make look like marlon brando