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Best answer: If their claim were valid, they would have proven it long ago. There is no proof. There is no evidence. There is no god thing. But those facts don't stop them from trying to force that god thing on us all. Why do religious people think they can force sane and sober adult people to pretend? I can not be... show more

Why did people hate Dick Cheney?

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Best answer: Halliburton, you know they use the US government to destroy a country and then make money when they rebuild it, I'm not sure what else they specifically do, but the Bin Laden family and the Bush family had shares in Carlyle, weapons/intelligence shares for the rich elite, they made money from 9/11, while... show more

Best answer: Jennifer Lopez

Michael Jackson has passed away, but his music will live on. How did his songs and life effect you?

she seemed really smart and her acting/singing were pretty amazing for a little kid.

Best answer: Many in my opinion but maybe your opinion is that there’s no one better looking. But in my opinion there are sooo many. Jonny depp? Chris hemsworth? Matt smith? David Tennant? Tom cruise?

Prince or MJ?

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Do you like Justin Timberlake?

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Best answer: Now we know your darkest desires Eva. It's naturalist BTW.

Why was Peter capaldi doctor who?

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Best answer: Because that's who the producers decided to cast

Best answer: I was. But after the whole College bribe I'm disappointed in her No i wouldn't pay money.She did the crime she should pay the price.But I'm sure since she's famous and rich she will get off easy

Best answer: people treat you like royalty, you get free stuff, you get to go out with any one you want, you dont have to get up to a boring 9-5 job people will remember you when you die.

Best answer: I wouldn't give a crap. Could care less about his football career, and even less about his film career........and even less about his criminal convictions. having said that...................if I happened to have an OJ Trading card handy........from his football days.........an autographed one might be... show more