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Best answer: Bernie Sanders has just advocated that convicted felons should never lose their right to vote, and that they should be allowed to vote even when still in prison. Agree or disagree, and justify your opinion.

This individual authored “The Prince,” in which he argued that society tends toward disorder and that political leaders must act decisively, strategically, without moral judgments, and with fierce resolve:

Best answer: there are many factors to consider. drugs and or alcohol, fell asleep at the wheel, mechanical issues, animal or object was in the road and driver swerved to avoid it, medical issues such as low blood sugar, fainting or seizures

Can somone please write a paragraph explaining their position and three main reasons how the us affected the outcome & explain those reasons. Thanks.

1. In a model communist country, the level of unemployment would a.fluctuate widely b.remain very low c.follow business cycles d.exist only in industrial areas 2. The distribution of goods and services in a model communist country is decided by the a.government, to ensure equal distribution b.producers,... show more

Best answer: innocent until proven guilty; proff has to PROVE IT .................

Best answer: Tip - if you use this site for homework help you will fail. Have you noticed the poor grammar here? lol

Best answer: Rest assured that there is at least one person in the world who "can".

Best answer: Quite an unhelpful crowd on here today... OK, pick a topic which you know won't irritate your teacher (presumably it's part of cumulative coursework points) and Google its pros and cons. The trick is for you to remain an impartial observer by presenting it as a narrative in the third person. Your thesis... show more