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Can someone pleasee answeerr?

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For my debate class, Im debating a guy against open borders. I need help for my class. So far I have. 1. More economic oppurtunities for Mexicans. 2. Mexicans can go in and out between USA and Mexico 3. It will help make imports and exports more affordable. 4. More Mexicans can get better wages and more... show more

A.) Trojan asteroids share an orbit with Jupiter while Belt asteroids are located between the orbits of Earth and Mars. B.) Trojan asteroids have Earth crossing orbits while Belt asteroids are located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. C.) Trojan asteroids share an orbit with Earth while Belt asteroids... show more

If yes, please do.

Best answer: Victoria & Scarlet Emma & Jade Brianna & Amelia Aurora & Hannah

Best answer: We only know, so far, that he has no morals, no respect for the law, no decency, and no honesty. Given those facts, we are operating on the ASSUMPTION, at this point, that his proven inappropriate conduct was WORSE than paying Cohen to commit two felonies, in order to influence the election, which is documented.

Where do oxygen atoms come from?

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Best answer: There are 2 possible answers 1) they are released by plants during photosynthesis. 2) they are created in stars. They are created in our sun for instance in the C-N-O process where carbon is converted by the addition of a helium atom first to Nitrogen and then Oxygen. The carbon is formed by the fusion of 2 He... show more

For building a weapon of mass destruction that could kill millons...

Need help with essay ASAP

Best answer: I don't know what a "heater meal" is-- and we don't talk about a "lower class" in the US. Are you talking about poor people who can't afford food? We give them food stamps so they can buy the food they want to eat- not what we happen to want to give them.

I trying so hard but i hate this teacher. She is a a$$hole. Even tho i do all the homework and im still failing. Know on some of the tests i didn't do very great. But im trying so hard and still failing help? Am i just unlucky and chose the wrong teacher at the wrong time? i have an A in my econ class and a B... show more

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Best answer: No, for several reasons. #1 is from Economics 101. When the cost of something (in this case entry level unskilled labor) goes up the demand goes down. This was clearly evidenced in Seattle when they raised the minimum wage to $15; employers offered fewer entry-level jobs and fewer hours. Those that did have a... show more

Do you trust our government?

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I’m writing an essay about this and need to know peoples thoughts.

This is an essay question thats going to be on my exam next week