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Best answer: It doesn't matter if you get more customers if what you're charging doesn't cover all your costs. Larger stores can often charge less because their fixed costs are divided over more goods thus reducing how much they need to charge to cover all their costs. Why do some people still shop at the smaller... show more

I m trying to fundraise money for a beauty pageant i m doing. I thought it would be a good idea to set up a movie night at a small park in my neighborhood. I rarely see people go to that park because it s really just grass and benches, but it s still considered a park. Kids don t really play there often. I thought... show more

Netflix put Blockbuster out of business and since there is no way to open that franchise back up. How do I go about starting my own video rental service store and succeeding?

Suppose i buy something at $ 50 and use the item and sell it to someone as used product at $ 30.Here i am not making any profit. So, can it be called doing business with that person?

I deal in vintage pyrex people ask me to look for things I buy off of ebay then sell to my customer with a profit?

I m not looking for statements like "be careful who you trust." I m looking for statements like "There s a lot of money in flowers." Just examples.

I have purchased a bundle of stuff from someone on Facebook. Part of it were 5 Blu-rays, brand new and sealed. The boxes and artwork look fine. The text looks fine. I don't need these and wish to resell but I am slightly worried because what if they are not legit / are fakes? Is there any way I can tell... show more

Best answer: Sure. You'll just need to ensure you've got time to juggle both.

Best answer: In the actual city of LA, you would need at least $2200 for rent each month. Some people may have told you more like $1300 a month, but that's only if you are able to find a reasonably priced place with roommates. You can find rooms for even less if you want to live in the ghetto. Food is the same. They have... show more