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60 seconds and one minute aren't really the same?

50 answers · Mathematics · 1 week ago
Best answer: Sometimes one is faster Has nobody thought about the Speed of Dark Or the Speed of Thought which has to be faster Like 13.8 Billion Light years in a blink of an eye Analyse that if you wish

Can you give me some information about Jupiter?

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I can't find information anywhere, and my report is due tomorrow!

Is it true that astroid 2002 NT7 is going to crash in to earth in 2019?

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Best answer: NO. There are no neutron stars within 20 lightyears of the Solar System. And why, with eight planets, 179 moons and who knows how many dwarf planets and asteroids, Earth would be singled out. Strictly nutcase nonsense

Best answer: Both need to produce their image at a workable distance from the objective lens. With the telescope the object is near infinity so the image is near to the objective lens' focal point. With the microscope the object is placed close to the focal point so the image is near to "infinity" relative to... show more

It was very dodgy and appeared very secretive. And I know that no one needs that much cough syrup and no doctor would even prescribe that much to anyone. So I know that there was some weird deal going on and they’re using it for recreational purposes. I minded my business but now I feel like I should have had a... show more

Best answer: In general terms, yes. Only a limited range of electromagnetic radiation can get through Earth's atmosphere clearly. Infrared and ultraviolet get through less well, and X-rays and gamma rays even less well than them (just as well as they are dangerous to life) There ARE infrared telescopes on the ground but... show more

Best answer: To maintain 1G of gravity, you have to accelerate at that rate. if the mass of the craft is m, then you need to apply a force F = ma where a = 10 m/s² if you continue that for t seconds, d = ½at² d = ½10•t² = 5t² meters traveled work = energy needed = Fd = ma(5t²) = 10m(5t²) = 50mt² that tells you the energy... show more

Are you prepared for Hurricane Florence?

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Best answer: Get your basic degree, then move on into 'exotics' so you can work with zoo animals. Or focus on working with wildlife.

What to do if I took 40 Advil.?

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Best answer: Throw up.

Compare the size of Eris to Pluto?

10 answers · Astronomy & Space · 1 week ago
Eris: 2326 km Pluto: 2377km find relative difference

Carl Sagan or Snooki?

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Best answer: Yes. Honey made predominantly from rhododendrons is very toxic as it contains grayanotoxins,. It can result in "mad honey disease." Human death is very unlikely. The pollen of oleander is also toxic and can lead to toxic honey.

i was weighing a very small sample of a compound that i produced from an experiment. when i weighed it on a top-loading balance, it did not read at all and it just showed 0.00g my fault for not using a more sensitive balance but with the data that i have, would it be inaccurate to say that it weighs <0.00... show more

Math math math?

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Best answer: 100(80-60)/80 2000/80 100/4 25% "Screen shot fot solutiom please" are you serious? you have the answer

Is universe or are universes?

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