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Poll: Have you ever seen a ghost đź‘»?

86 answers · Polls & Surveys · 2 days ago

What’s your favorite food?

85 answers · Polls & Surveys · 3 days ago
Best answer: Grilled Cheese

What’s something you will never understand?

47 answers · Polls & Surveys · 1 day ago

What’s your favorite breakfast food?

61 answers · Polls & Surveys · 2 days ago

Have you ever referred to Trump as "president"?

147 answers · Jokes & Riddles · 4 days ago
Best answer: Often. in fact, usually. I refer to FORMER chairman obama as "FORMER chairman obama".

Most of the people in the South are descended from people who fought in the confederacy. These people were as American as everyone else. Because of a political problem with the president these people decided to leave the union, since according to articles of the confederation, any state of the union is free to... show more

What would you do if PIZZA was made illegal?

224 answers · Polls & Surveys · 5 days ago

What was the most shocking celebrity death of all time?

84 answers · Polls & Surveys · 4 days ago

Do you have a storage space?

11 answers · Polls & Surveys · 7 hours ago

Do you think abortion should be legal or illegal?

205 answers · Polls & Surveys · 5 days ago

Are they seriously that proud of him?

Best answer: I think having hundreds of millions at stake is a strong incentive to use creative marketing techniques. I certainly noticed many positive reviews were very similar, even identical.

Poll: do you talk too much or too little?

24 answers · Polls & Surveys · 19 hours ago

Are you currently wearing anything on your wrists?

36 answers · Polls & Surveys · 2 days ago

Why didn’t Dolly Parton have children?

32 answers · Country · 2 days ago

Are you from Tennessee?

21 answers · Polls & Surveys · 18 hours ago