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Is it bad that I've never seen Titanic?

59 answers · Preschool · 3 days ago
Everybody's talking about that movie but I've never seen it, is that bad?

Best answer: Of course I'm enjoying Trump squander his political capital. Feed him some MORE rope, I say!

I don't want to do this but I don't want to flunk. I am scared to do this. Aren't they in prison because they are bad?

Is it because it wasn’t liberal vegan crap

At least then it would be useful for something and have less environmental impact. I took one look at that bad vibes I wont read that

Should I change my last name?

11 answers · Words & Wordplay · 8 hours ago
I have a last name that many people don't know how to pronounce and I am sick and tired of feeling embarrassed whenever my name gets called for attendance, awards, etc because people don't know how to pronounce it and Im tired of correcting them. I just want a normal last name like Johnson, Stevens,... show more

Best answer: There wouldn't be any laws about this...that I can guarantee. Appeal to the school's administration, they might be able to speak with this teacher to convince them to change their mind. I would expect most places would give some leniency here...but there might be other restrictions over which they may... show more

Best answer: I HAVE Errands to run is better English.

Is it savont or savant?

10 answers · Words & Wordplay · 11 hours ago

Isn't he a "God Loving Christian"?

Complete the sentence: cold weather makes me______________?

14 answers · Words & Wordplay · 2 days ago

How do I get tested for autism as an adult?

5 answers · Special Education · 2 days ago
Best answer: Make an appointment to see your Doctor. If they decide you need to be tested, they will give you a referral to a Specialist.

Stepdad has a really embarassing car?

30 answers · Special Education · 4 days ago
hi im 13 and my stepdad has a 2007 silver honda civic. he has to take me to school at least twice a week and its really emarassing. can someone please help me feel better about it?

Do you ever watch old home movies from when you were younger?

7 answers · Mental Health · 2 hours ago

I need a catchy science fair title HELP?

10 answers · Homework Help · 1 day ago
Best answer: I'd call it THE CHILLING EXPERIENCE...

I really can’t do my homework?

13 answers · Homework Help · 2 days ago
I know this sounds lazy but you just don’t understand. I really really need a way to convince my siblings or parents to do my homework for me because I’m so so tired and busy and depressed and I just CANT. And please don’t go telling me that I should stop complaining you don’t understand just please help.

Best answer: More alternative facts

What do we as America do about our Marxist garbage universities?

11 answers · Other - Education · 2 days ago
I mean I know that most people need to go to school if they want a higher up Job but those universities have turned into Marxist garbage. What's a person to do. What do you think can be done. Should we pass some laws against cultural Marxism and the left so they cannot poison our children. I mean look at those... show more

Best answer: Because of your bad grades, I suggest you go to a community college.