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People who lived the 70s: what were the 70s like?

26 answers · History · 1 day ago
Best answer: The 70s were great years. There seemed to be tons of money around, everyone could afford a good car, jobs were plentiful, wages were good and all sorts of new electrical appliances became available. There was little violence and most people only had to work 40 hours and little overtime. Only one parent had to... show more

How to know if a book is worth buying?

13 answers · Books & Authors · 17 hours ago
Movie fans use Rotten Tomatoes to see if a movie is worth watching. Should readers use something like Goodreads to see if a book is worth buying?

Can you name the most famous duo in history?

30 answers · History · 1 day ago

Obama or Trump? Im trying to get an accurate survey.?

19 answers · History · 14 hours ago

Best answer: Well, I don't think they all hate each other. Maybe some feel envious about other writers because in a way they are competing to get to be known or to have some transcendence by standing out from the crowd, as there are so many writers. So maybe it's a question of being afraid they will be overshadowed by... show more

Knowing that Hitler was an ultra totalitarian psychopath and that those with that type of personality seldom take their own lives. Can it be assume that he left Berlin becasue there is no evidence to prove that he didn't.

I mean, if the cashier on our school cafeteria, refused to let me buy some iced tea, would I have the right to punch him in the face??

Is there a secret to life?

14 answers · Philosophy · 13 hours ago
Would you be determined enough to search for it until you die

Autobiographical novel is fiction or nonfiction?

14 answers · Books & Authors · 20 hours ago

Ideas for LGBTQ+ topics to cover in a book?

13 answers · Books & Authors · 15 hours ago

Did everyone in the 1980’s smell like Cigarettes?

48 answers · History · 5 days ago

Africans were slaves to Europeans for a little over 200 years. Thats it. Europeans enslaved each other for thousands of years; probably even tens of thousands. European slaves had it much worse than african slaves too. Some slaves in Rome (gladiators) were forced to fight others in packed ancient arenas, in most... show more

They did the night before, but apparently not as the troops are coming in. This landing should have been done at night time, not in the day..What a huge mistake. So many lives lost over this..Such a shame.

Seriously, the list is too long to fit in one update box. I'll include the list in a comment.

Can you name 10 people who lived 500 years ago?

39 answers · History · 5 days ago
If you can't, does that mean everyone no matter how famous will be forgotten 500 years from now?

Best classic novel you've read?

10 answers · Books & Authors · 10 hours ago

How do I improve my talking skills?

15 answers · Other - Arts & Humanities · 3 days ago
Best answer: Take a class, read a lot, practice. Remember to choose words not just pour them out. Also, listening is a lost art.