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Are all Democrats going to Hell?

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I personally prefer Dimebag. I have absolutely nothing against Brian May, there is no denying that he is a beast on the guitar and deserves every ounce of credit he receives

Different and unqiue ways to spell Audrey?

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Do you use both or just one? Is there a rule behind it?


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唐山石油发票?【微.电137-2340-6413】作品在发表时与原始... 作品在发表时与原始手稿相比会有一些改动或差异;信札是亲戚朋友往来的文字,有些内容... 作品在发表时与原始手稿相比会有一些改动或差异;信札是亲戚朋友往来的文字,有些内容...

"Trump faults Obama for US response to Russian hacking"

Best answer: Reminder The Hudson Bay Company was founded 106 years before the USA was

Best answer: Republican hypocrisy about family values is staggering. In France and Germany working moms and dads get extensive paid maternity and paternity leave, and free daycare after that. That's real family values.

Best answer: There is nothing to celebrate. The Climate of the Earth has been normally following Natural Variations, moderated by the Sun. The Little Ice Age ended in 1850, the Earth warmed naturally as the Sun transitioned into a more active state. A Solar Grand Maximum cycle was predicted and occurred from the middle... show more

Best answer: The oldest living person was born in 1901- I assume you mean the nineteenth century, i.e. the 1800's as obviously nobody from 1000-1099 is alive.