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Professor MUST be an expert on homosexuality, right?

11 answers · Nakhon Si Thammarat · 2 years ago
Best answer: The Professor must have got his PhD from Trump University. That makes him a fraud doesn't it?

There is an international agreement made by 185 countries that agreed that fighting on US soil would not happen.

Food and travelling expenses in bangkok?

4 answers · Bangkok · 2 years ago

Where can i get good Thai food in Bangkok?

9 answers · Bangkok · 3 years ago

Libra and Mars in the 7th house . What is that mean?

4 answers · Chiang Rai · 3 years ago
Ps: I am a woman

and don't even have to worry about being deported unless they commit a crime and maybe not even then. Why aren't even more coming here? I know I would. America is just giving it all away yet we have a $19 TRILLION debt....

Who wrote the book of Psalms?

4 answers · Chiang Rai · 3 years ago

There is a human king who has a vision of himself losing his crown, throne and kingdom to a stag. Obviously, he wants to prevent this future from happening. What can a king do to prevent himself from being replaced by a stag?

Why did Republicans once support big government?

4 answers · Phuket · 3 years ago

Why has modern sociaty became untolerant to gay jokes?

4 answers · Nakhon Pathom · 3 years ago