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Best answer: Shut your NlGGER *** up

Should users under 13 be reported?

7 answers · Phuket · 2 years ago

I HATE being 11 years old?

5 answers · Phuket · 2 years ago
Best answer: I felt the exact same way at your age. My advice is don't wish away that youth. I wanted so bad to be older and poof, now I'm 35. Pretty soon, poof I'll be 70. I want time to stand still or run backwards for a while. Enjoy your youth. Savor as long as you can.

Professor MUST be an expert on homosexuality, right?

11 answers · Nakhon Si Thammarat · 2 years ago
Best answer: The Professor must have got his PhD from Trump University. That makes him a fraud doesn't it?

There is an international agreement made by 185 countries that agreed that fighting on US soil would not happen.

Best answer: Absolutely. I've been saying that for years.

Food and travelling expenses in bangkok?

4 answers · Bangkok · 2 years ago

Where can i get good Thai food in Bangkok?

9 answers · Bangkok · 2 years ago

Libra and Mars in the 7th house . What is that mean?

4 answers · Chiang Rai · 2 years ago
Ps: I am a woman

and don't even have to worry about being deported unless they commit a crime and maybe not even then. Why aren't even more coming here? I know I would. America is just giving it all away yet we have a $19 TRILLION debt....

Who wrote the book of Psalms?

4 answers · Chiang Rai · 2 years ago

There is a human king who has a vision of himself losing his crown, throne and kingdom to a stag. Obviously, he wants to prevent this future from happening. What can a king do to prevent himself from being replaced by a stag?

Why did Republicans once support big government?

4 answers · Phuket · 3 years ago

Why has modern sociaty became untolerant to gay jokes?

4 answers · Nakhon Pathom · 3 years ago

How Old Was JFK When He Was Born??

5 answers · Songkhla · 3 years ago
I'm doing a report on JFK for school, and I was looking at wikipedia. It said he was 46 when he died, but it doesn't say how old he was when he was born? Can someone help me with this please? Thanks :D